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Looking to create a video but unsure which video type best suits your needs? Fret not, we have a wide range of video services that are available off the shelf or customised to suit your needs.

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Video Types

Key Video Services

Other Video Services

Case Study Videos

Sometimes, you need a good old case study to prove your worth to your stakeholders.

Interview Videos

Interviews shouldn’t be underestimated – this format gives plenty of room to play around with to create an attention-grabbing video.

Product Demo Videos

If your product or service needs visual explanation, let us give you a hand to create a clear and compelling video.

Advertising & Commercial Videos

With a brimming portfolio of advertising projects under our belt, you can bet that you’re in safe hands with us.

Events Highlights Videos

An event isn’t over until you say it’s over. Let yours live on forever with an event highlights video.

Walkthrough Videos

If you’re looking to give your audience a thorough tour of your space and its amenities, you’ve come to the right place.

Teaser Videos

Product launch coming up? Dropping a new release? Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed.

Instructional & Educational Videos

If you aim to educate your audience about a complex topic, or wish to assist them in overcoming an obstacle, let us help you.

Music Videos

Have you got a new tune? Bring your song to the next level with a music video.

Tutorial Videos

Helping your audience achieve a task? We can help you help them.

Travel Videos

Regardless of the location, we know how to present it as a dream destination your audience will be itching to visit.

Webinar Videos

It’s evident that when used well, videos will bring incredible value to your company and brand.

Video Podcasts

Has your audience been clamouring for a video podcast? We’ve got you covered.

Testimonial Videos

Let our team come alongside you to create a testimonial video to win them over, together.

Virtual Events Videos

We know how nerve-wracking it can be to hold a virtual event. With our reliable, passionate team, you can trust us to put your concerns at ease.

Explainer Videos

Hit us up and we can discuss the most gripping ways we can present your brand to your audience.

Brand Videos

Though brand videos are a clear answer, it can be difficult to think of a creative and effective story to film. Let our team come onboard to brainstorm together.

Time-Lapse & Hyper-Lapse Videos

If you’re searching for a method to effectively visualise the changes your brand has undergone over the years, a time-lapse video is your answer

Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 Videos

If you’re looking for a way to immerse your audience in a new experience, steer away from the beaten path and try out VR & 360 videos with us.

Visual Effects (VFX) Videos

Go beyond the limits of live-action with visual effects in your next video.

Interactive Videos

From 360 views to video paths, reach out to us so we can hook you up with the latest video technology to present to your audience.

Augmented Reality Videos

Dip your toes in cutting edge technology with augmented reality, which provides immersive experiences for your audiences while still being accessible to most!

Promo Videos

Have an idea in mind for your next promotional video? Let us bring it to life with you.

Projection Mapping Videos

With projection mapping, the world is your playground. Reach us to discuss how we can make your dreams a reality with the unlimited possibilities this format can bring.

Infographic Videos

Got some data you need to relay your users, but it’s fearfully dry? Fret not, we’ve got you covered!


How much does a video cost in Singapore?

Video costs can vary depending on the scale of the project and the requirements of the client. The best answer to this question is to request for a quote from the corporate video company that you’re interested in to get a more accurate cost estimate. If you’re interested in requesting a quote from Big 3 Media, you can reach out to us at our contact page.

What is the typical lead-time for a video?

Depending on the complexity and scope of the video project, it can range from a week to a few months. A more exact timeline can be given upon receiving more information about the project.

What is the lead time needed to initiate a video production project with Big 3 Media?

The minimal lead time to initiate a video production project can be as short as 48 hours. However, this is subject to availability of personnel and studio. Please book our services as far ahead as possible to get the best slots.

What are Big 3 Media’s cancellation policies?

As there are many steps when it comes to the video production process, it is best to contact us directly for this information as topics like refunds and partial payments can differ based on the situation.

How do I know which type of video best fits my needs?

As every individual's needs may differ, it is best to contact us at Big 3 Media directly so that we can gather more information and recommend the best video type to you.

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