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Teaser videos

Product launch coming up? Dropping a new release? Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed. We know how to create hype  – hit us up to create an enthralling teaser video that’ll have your audience itching for your new product.


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What are teaser videos?

Teasers are short videos meant to build hype around a new release. This can be used for almost any new launch, from a music video to a product. These videos are essentially big neon signs calling as much attention to your launch as possible before it finally drops.


Why do you need teaser videos?

When it comes to the business of creating hype, teaser videos have shown to be extremely effective. Viewers are twice as likely to share video content with their social circle than any other type of content, including product pages and social media posts (Wyzowl). Teasers are perfect if you have a new launch coming up and want to draw more public attention to it.


Why hire Big 3 Media for your teaser video needs?

No one creates hype better than Big 3 Media. Established in 2008, we’ve got 12 years under our belt and know exactly what you’d need for the perfect teaser video. We comprise an expert team of creative professionals who are skilled, reliable, and passionate, and you can be assured they’d be guiding you through the entire process. With cutting edge software and equipment, your new launch is sure to be a smashing success.


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