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Virtual reality (VR) and 360 videos

If you’re looking for a way to immerse your audience in a new experience, steer away from the beaten path and try out VR & 360 videos with us. Hit us up, and let’s work on incorporating more fresh technology into your next campaign together.


EMA X MOE 360 Video



What are VR and 360 videos?

Virtual reality (VR) and 360 videos capitalise on technology to create new, immersive experiences for audiences. While VR videos make use of video generated content with the aim of building virtual worlds, 360 videos are filmed using omnidirectional cameras to film at all angles simultaneously - creating that stunning 360 view audiences can swipe or scroll across.


Why do you need VR and 360 videos?

VR and 360 videos aren’t just devices to tell stories, but live them. VR and 360’s biggest plus point lies in its immersive quality without distraction. This creates the opportunity to really pack a punch, with stronger emotive experiences, more flexibility, and sensory impact. With this in mind, VR and 360 videos can be used for almost anything, from employee training to marketing efforts.


Why hire Big 3 Media for your VR and 360 videos?

If you’ve got a VR and 360 video in mind, you can bet that Big 3 Media has exactly what you need. Not only are we equipped with state of the art technology, facilities, and equipment to make the VR and 360 video of your dreams, but our reliable team of creative professionals have over a decade of experience to support you throughout the whole process.


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