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Promo videos

Have an idea in mind for your next promotional video? Let us bring it to life with you. With us working with you, rest assured that your video will enthral your audience and compel them to your call to action.

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What are promo videos?

Similar to teasers, promotional or promo videos are meant to promote, though promo videos often divulge more details about the product or service - and aren’t exclusive to new products either. The best promo videos sell the brand without becoming a blatant sales pitch, and rather amp up emotive or personal elements to form a genuine connection with their audience.


Why do you need promo videos?

Promo videos are adaptable and often suited for your objectives, whatever they may be. Whether you’re looking to boost sales, enhance brand awareness or reinforce your brand’s identity, promo videos are an entertaining way to convey information and make your call to action more alluring to your audience - it’s clear from the fact that 93% of brands get a new customer because of a video they posted on social media. (Animoto)


Why hire Big 3 Media for your promo videos?

Big 3 Media knows exactly what you need for a brilliant promo video. With over a decade of experience under our belt, our team of professional creatives are not only reliable, but passionate in achieving your vision for the best promo video. With state of the art technology, facilities, and equipment to boot, what are you waiting for?


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