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Walkthrough videos

If you’re looking to give your audience a thorough tour of your space and its amenities, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll make sure we capture it in the best light, with a glimpse into its inner workings to add a personal touch.

Showcase Walkthroughs

School Tour

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What are walkthrough videos?

When it comes to picturing a location, photos can only do so much. Walkthroughs help in this aspect. These are videos that aim to display a certain location as clearly as possible, so they are often shot like a tour, with a guide showing the viewer around the area. This doesn’t mean that the use of walkthroughs are limited to cold location viewing though, for many good walkthrough videos incorporate human interactions for a personal touch.


Why do you need walkthrough videos?

Walkthrough videos are definitely a thing of convenience, but in these unprecedented times, are almost a necessity. Where 94% of marketers claim that videos helped their users gain a stronger understanding of their products and services, walkthrough videos are great for your audience to learn more without being physically present (Wyzowl). If you need your users to have an understanding of your space and the inner workings within it, a walkthrough video is for you.


Why hire Big 3 Media for your walkthrough video needs?

Big 3 Media is happy to assist with your walkthrough video needs. Established in 2008, our team of creative professionals are experts in the field, with reliable and passionate producers, directors, and editors, as well as cutting edge equipment that will aid you in executing your vision.


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