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Augmented reality videos

It can be daunting to try something new. Dip your toes in cutting edge technology with augmented reality, which provides immersive experiences for your audiences while still being accessible to most! Put your faith in us to guide you into an entirely new world of video.


Ballroom mask - Spark AR filter

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What are AR videos?

While virtual reality videos set out to replace your field of vision, the technology augmented reality (AR) uses adds to it - think Pokemon Go and Instagram filters, which make use of this technology. Viewers interact with the real world with an element of fantasy.


Why do you need AR videos?

If you want to create a richer experience for your audience, this is it. As AR technology can be used on most devices, from mobile phones to desktop computers, this is one very accessible method to boost engagement among your users. Where 91% of companies are already capitalising on - or in the process of adopting - VR or AR technology, this is clear. (TechRepublic)


Why hire Big 3 Media for your AR videos?

Established in 2008, Big 3 Media has more than a decade of experience - you can bet that we know exactly what you need for the perfect AR video. With the support of a reliable team of professional creatives and state of the art facilities, equipment, and software, you can be assured that we’ll assist you in creating the AR video of your dreams.


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