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The only Film & Video Production
company you'll ever need

We do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to. Media creation
can sometimes be a daunting experience. Here at Big 3 Media,
we help bridge the chasm of creative greys.

We'll do anything for you... well, almost everything.

One Stop Solution

 one stop solution

From getting your storyboards and concepts to set the
foundation in pre-productions, to show day when you get to see
it all in action and in post-production, where all you have to do
is sit back while our editors work their magic. Our experts will
be there with you each step of the way.

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Years of Experience

Our History

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Big 3 was founded in 2008 in a bedroom primarily as a video
production business. Today it is a group of media companies
spanning across multiple media disciplines. We now have over
150 staff to date, spanning across 4 offices in Singapore, Malaysia,
China and India. We strongly believe that companies should not
only be profit driven but should also strive to create and contribute
value to their communities. Read more about our history here.

What our clients say


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"They (Big 3) rank high for client satisfaction especially for their professionalism, creativity and work ethic to work tirelessly to achieve the outcomes we desired. The quality of creative production is excellent and ideation sound. A dynamic team worthy of its calling."

Lee Pheng Guan

Programme Manager (Arts) Singapore Teacher Academy for the Arts (Star), Ministry of Education (MOE)

"We are glad to work with Big 3 who not only provided competitive pricing but was able to deliver the work despite a tight timeline. The video produced by them allowed our officers to better appreciate the importance of delivering good service."

Yeh Yu Jie

Senior Executive, Central Provision Fund (CPF) Board

"Professional, prompt and creative, Big 3 was a joy to work with. They understood what we wanted and was able to explain complex concepts simply and interestingly through their videos."

Ho Jiayi

Senior Executive, National Trade Union Congress (NTUC)

"Big 3 was such a breeze to work with. They are professional and efficient, immediately understanding our needs and knowing what the audience wants. They adapted to the unpredictable nature of our wishes and made everything work out better than we could even imagine. Fun, dynamic and friendly, these guys work hard with a big heart!"

Leonora Lyn Gaffar

Program Services Manager, Make-A-Wish Singapore

Get In Touch

Fill in the form as best as you can so that we can provide the greatest experience
you've ever had with a media company. Alternatively, you can also email us at info@big3.sg.