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Visual effects (VFX) videos

Go beyond the limits of live-action with visual effects in your next video. We happen to have just the expertise and cutting edge software to do so, so hit us up, and let’s immerse your audience in your imagined world together.

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What are VFX videos?

Visual effects (VFX) integrates live-action footage with artificial imagery in a video. Though computer-generated imagery (CGI) is most popular, other types of visual effects include compositing and motion capture. Visual effects may be used to create environments, creatures, and other beings that may not be possible or practical to film in real life.


Why do you need VFX videos?

From green screens to CGI, VFX videos can be a treat to the visual senses, creating impossible worlds and sceneries otherwise impossible to witness if not for VFX. Though brilliant for immersive storytelling, VFX doesn’t need to be limited to film. Where 85% of people would like to see more videos from brands, consider VFX videos for your brand if you’d like to stand out from the crowd. (Wyzowl)


Why hire Big 3 Media for your VFX videos?

Established in 2008, Big 3 Media has over a decade of experience to bring you the best VFX video you can imagine. More than a team of skilled professionals, our creatives are passionate and reliable, and you can trust that they’d guide you smoothly throughout the process. As with every VFX video, it’s crucial to have good equipment, and our cutting edge facilities, equipment, and software are exactly that.


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