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What does TikToks SDK mean?

As if TikTok weren’t enough of a powerhouse, it’s started releasing its own software-development kits (SDKs). What does this mean for brands?

What does this mean for other video editing apps and how can they leverage on it?

As of November of 2019, TikTok has started releasing their own software-development kits (SDKs) under their TikTok for Developers program that will bring in tools for third-party app developers and lend them “an opportunity to extend their reach while giving users a wider selection of creative tools to help their videos match their vision”, according to the company’s blog.

TikTok's popularity and influence is hard to ignore, making it a powerful ally you may want a foot in the door with.

Share-to-TikTok SDK

The aptly named “Share-to-TikTok” SDK was the first kit to be introduced. Essentially, the kit allows content creators to edit their videos on other apps before publishing onto TikTok directly with a simple tap of the “share to TikTok” button in their editing panel. TikTok also claims apps that integrate with this SDK will also gain access to a wider selection of creative tools.

Through this SDK, TikTok had hoped to "provide another location for your users to share their favourite content", so the benefit here is loud and clear - integrating with this SDK can help enhance your app's discovery and engagement as TikTok’s open platform capabilities can help give you leverage with built-in sharing. And with an average of a million TikTok videos being watched a day, having this in your backpocket can have an outsized impact on your growth and revenue.

The obvious bonus is that TikTok content creators will get to know of and possibly interact with your app, but it doesn’t end there - integrating your app with the SDK can help you gain exposure not just among creators, but consumers as well. The direct sharing to TikTok means that when creators share their videos, the specified partner hashtag will appear together with their content, giving your app more visibility amongst even more TikTok users.

The program has managed to attract 7 third-party apps that are now integrated with TikTok which include some big names. They are:

  • Adobe Premiere Rush - Named by TikTok as an initial integration partner, Adobe Premiere Rush is an all-in-one app that helps create and share videos online. Adobe even published a blog post about it, if you wish to read more about their integration.
  • - This augmented reality app helps users create AR videos on their phone easily. Its most known feature is how it allows creators to insert characters into their videos and interact with them.
  • - An essential for gamers, this app prides itself in helping you share and watch epic gaming moments by recording highlights on your PC and sending it to your phone.
  • Momento GIF Maker - Using a smart algorithm, Momento GIF Maker uses photos in your device to create beautiful GIFs for you.
  • PicsArt - Another all-in-one editing app, PicsArt makes video and photo editing much easier, helping you to create your desired graphics and sharing them with friends.
  • Plotaverse - Animating pictures has been made easier with Plotaverse and its video overlays for next level effects.
  • Enlight Videoleap -  This fun and powerful video editing app helps its users create jaw-dropping videos on-the-go

As of now, TikTok hasn’t announced any other plans it has in store for their developer's program, only that it will continue to expand access to its own creative tools further across the wider app ecosystem.

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