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Top 10 Must-Watch Corporate Video Examples

Corporate videos are a must-have in your marketing strategy. Here’s 10 corporate video examples to inspire your next video!

Corporate videos are short videos produced by companies to achieve business objectives like promoting products, enhancing brand image, recruiting talent or updating stakeholders. There are various types of corporate videos and in today’s digital climate, corporate videos have become increasingly crucial. A Hubspot study found that 66% of consumers watched video content to learn about a brand or product.

Corporate videos offer many benefits: higher conversions, higher engagement and higher reach. This is why increasingly more businesses prefer to work with corporate video production companies like Big 3 Media to produce high quality corporate videos. Even small businesses can benefit from affordable corporate videos, enabling them to appear as polished and persuasive as larger competitors.

To create effective corporate videos tailored to your goals, here’s 10 corporate video examples you should watch for inspiration.

1. Apple

Apple's playful video "2023 Status | Mother Nature | Apple" showcase sustainability highlights in the form of an intense status update with Mother Nature herself. By characterising Mother Nature as a sceptical recipient with a no-nonsense attitude, Apple directly addresses consumer doubts about their green initiatives in a disarming and humorous manner.

It’s a clever way to show their commitment to decarbonisation and renewable energy while admitting there’s more work to be done. This unique approach makes their corporate sustainability updates more engaging and transparent. For its creativity and transparency, watch this video as a must-see example of effective corporate messaging!

2. Bruns

In under 90 seconds, Bruns effectively conveys what the company does in a fast and snappy video.

Using upbeat music, sharp editing, and b-roll of the exhibition process, they create an energetic overview of their services. The vibrant mix of images and graphics showcase their work as exhibition developers and producers who bring stories to life through craftsmanship and creativity.

Although they’ve been active since 1963, this corporate video positions them as a modern and innovative company. The stream of symmetrical and visually satisfying shots clearly conveys their artistry and expertise in developing and producing exhibitions. Check this video out for an example of a concise yet impactful corporate video!

3. LTA Singapore

This corporate video by LTA Singapore, produced with Big 3 Media, effectively promotes Knackstop merchandise by tapping into nostalgia and relatability. It tells the story of a student's first trip using public transport, evoking personal memories and creating an emotional connection with Singaporeans. The fun and quirky tone of the video aligns perfectly with Knackstop's brand personality, making the promotional message enjoyable and engaging.

The video subtly highlights the ease and accessibility of Singapore's public transport system, reinforcing positive perceptions. With high production quality, clear storytelling, and cultural relevance, the video resonates well with the target audience. This blend of narrative and subtle promotion encourages viewers to explore Knackstop merchandise, achieving its marketing goals while fostering a positive image of public transport.

4. Lush

Lush's animated corporate video clearly explains the science behind their self-preserving skincare while keeping viewers engaged with fun, colourful animations. By representing microorganisms as cute characters, Lush turns a complex process into an entertaining story that simplifies how their products work.

This corporate video highlights their brand mission of using fresh, natural ingredients and avoiding unnecessary preservatives. The vibrant 2D animations align with Lush’s beauty branding, communicating their corporate values while highlighting their innovations. Watch this video for inspiration about how you can incorporate animation into your corporate videos!

5. Dropbox

Dropbox's employee testimonial video humanises the company by spotlighting real employees sharing personal stories about their positive experiences working there. The casual, conversational tone lets their personalities shine through as they describe Dropbox's supportive and flexible work culture.

By giving viewers a glimpse into the lives of their employees, Dropbox comes across as a down-to-earth company that cares about employee well-being and work-life balance. Their corporate video provides an inside look at their progressive corporate culture in an approachable way that resonates.

Overall, it's an impactful example of using real employees to convey company values in an authentic manner.

6. Bolt

Bolt's fast-paced video immediately conveys their brand name. The narration bolts along with quick cuts and fast beats to tell their corporate story with pride. In this corporate video, Bolt spotlights various employees from diverse roles, positioning the company as an exciting and collaborative place to build a career.

The intentional use of fast-paced editing is also closely aligned with Bolt’s branding and a visual representation of their rapid growth. In this dynamic corporate video, all individuals featured were Bolt employees, emphasising the company's commitment to showcasing their own talented workforce. As the camera speedily pans to showcase different teams, it’s clear that they’re looking for new talents who can problem-solve and work with a diverse group.

Watch Bolt’s example for a refreshing take on a corporate recruitment video!

7. Afrocenchix

Combining modern footage with archival clips, Afrocentrix’s 60-second corporate video is a celebration of their brand story. The authentic glimpses into Black hair care rituals shows how the brand celebrates natural hair in an empowering, personal way.

Besides highlighting their hair care products, the video’s community-centred visuals conveys Afrocenchix’s roots and values in paying homage to black culture. This heartfelt video is emotionally resonant and succinctly communicates Afrocentrix’s brand values. It presents them as a brand that understands and uplifts its community, pulling audiences closer to them.

For an example of a corporate branding video done right, check out Afrocenchix’s video!

8. Schur

Schur's 3D animated corporate video clearly demonstrates their sustainable packaging solutions in an eye-catching, easy-to-understand format. By visually walking viewers through their recyclable packaging production process, Schur emphasises their commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing.

The realistic graphics quickly engaged viewers and the virtual tour of their machinery efficiently explains their green production methods. The video's crisp animations and its focus on Schur's sustainability efforts make it a strong example of how corporations can creatively communicate their values and innovations through animation.

9. Starbucks

In under a minute, Starbucks corporate branding video humanises the brand and shows how their spaces help people to work and relax. The video follows an aspiring creative entrepreneur named Kay, depicting Starbucks as the "third place" where Kay nurtures her passion. We see Kay experience rejections and successes while working from the same Starbucks table, highlighting their role as her reliable, uplifting community space.

Using creative storytelling that elicits emotion, Starbucks presents their cafes as a form of support for people's growth and potential. In showcasing the personal journey of one woman, this corporate video launches Starbucks beyond their products – positioning them as a brand where anyone can thrive and find community.

Check out this video for a great example of how brands can use creative storytelling in a corporate production!

10. Google

To reassure their viewers, Google’s corporate video maintains an optimistic outlook on AI,  promising users to develop AI responsibly to benefit us all. By contrasting this with archival clips from past innovations, it signals the leaps they’ve made in technological advances to their users.

The video is simple and straightforward – highlighting Google’s commitment to developing AI responsibly and for social good. Paired with Google’s brand authority, the polished visuals conveys Google’s leadership in the responsible use of AI to make life easier for businesses and users alike.

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