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Not sure if you should animate your corporate videos? Get inspired with these top 10 examples of compelling animated corporate videos!

What do you picture when you think of a corporate video? Is it talking heads dressed in a suit and a tie? Not when it comes to creating an effective corporate video!

There are different types of corporate videos and each video serves different benefits. Although they are commonly filmed in live action, corporate videos can also be animated. When done professionally with a 2D animation studio, animated corporate videos infuse standard corporate videos with compelling animated sequences, groundbreaking animation techniques and a unique visual identity.

To demonstrate how animation can breathe new life into dry concepts and engage your audience, we’ve compiled 10 of the most compelling animated corporate videos!

Top 10 Compelling Animated Corporate Videos

  1. Nature.Org
  2. Duolingo
  3. GovTech
  4. Credit Karma
  5. Element AI
  6. Airbnb
  7. IBM Automation
  8. Hootsuite
  9. Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina
  10. Apple Health


Plastic waste is a global and complex environmental crisis. Nature.Org's corporate video is a great example for conveying complex environmental issues in a visually compelling way. The fluid 2D animation, composed of simple shapes and gradients, helps viewers visualise the plastic waste and the micro-plastics we ingest.

Nature.Org’s animated corporate video also effectively uses colours to convey the plastic problem. Very little green is seen when the video opens with plastic waste, indicating its severity. However, splashes of green are gradually added when the video demonstrates how is tackling plastic production, helping viewers associate with the environment and their green efforts.

Effective communication is vital for driving change and Nature.Org’s video is one of many inspirations for you to craft compelling animated corporate videos!


A language learning app, Duolingo is known for embracing a playful brand persona that resonates with Gen Z and millennial audiences. With over 12 million followers on TikTok, Duolingo is a certified online sensation and their mascot, the green owl, is recognisable to both users and non-users.

In just 90 seconds, this animated corporate video perfectly encapsulates their brand persona. Starring their green owl, the video references all the ways they try to engage their users – from their cheeky notifications, regular app updates to their mascot’s TikTok virality. This self-referential humour not only resonates with existing users but also serves as an entertaining nod to those familiar with Duolingo's cultural footprint.

Duolingo’s playful 2D animation stands as a case study for how brands can compel audiences with humour to create a stronger connection with them. Animators can also reference Duolingo’s iconic character design and their unique blend of storytelling with cultural relevance.


Big 3 Media’s animated corporate video for GovTech shows the importance of getting the basics right. Using eye-catching 2D visuals, seamless motion graphics and thoughtful sound design, GovTech’s 2D animation encourages viewers to upskill themselves through GovTech’s Digital Academy Website.

In this case, animation keeps this corporate video engaging and compels viewers to pay attention. While the video’s core message can be conveyed through a live action video, the colourful 2D graphic retains an element of fun and simplicity that cannot be replicated in another medium.

For clients seeking to animate their corporate videos, Big 3 Media’s animated video for GovTech is a textbook example of the versatility of animation and its power to engage audiences.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a personal finance app that helps their users meet their financial goals. Raking in over 19 million views on YouTube, Credit Karma’s animated corporate video has certainly resonated with their viewers. Their testimonial video transformed customer interviews with a mix of traditional, 2D and 3D animation techniques.

Using voice overs from customers who improved their poor credit scores with Credit Karma, their stories were told through vibrant graphics with a cheerful colour palette. Although it featured stories of financial troubles, which are often presented in moody greys and blacks, the optimistic colours bring hope to the app’s potential users.

Businesses can use this video as an example of replacing static interviews with dynamic animation to engage their audience.

Element AI

Utilising a blend of buttery smooth 2D animation, organic shapes and gradients, Element AI’s animated corporate video is satisfying to watch. The video shares how the company builds AI solutions for enterprises and their collaborative spirit.

The clean lines and smooth motion gives the video a contemporary and luxurious feel, perfectly suited for a company that prides itself on the cutting edge of technology. This example by Element AI is testament to how corporate videos establish brand identities and influence public perception.


Known for their thoughtful animations, Airbnb goes a step further in this 2D animated corporate video that highlights their power for good. The animation primarily uses blue hues to exude zen and serenity. Accompanying the cool blues, vibrant shades of pink convey warmth and generosity.

Using line art and simple 2D characters, Airbnb adopts a stripped back approach to spotlight the tales of their hosts' charity. Highlighting different heartwarming stories of how Airbnb hosts use their profits to give back to their communities, the video showcases Airbnb’s spirit of hospitality and kindness.

If you’re looking to create a more minimalist and clean animation, brands and animators can use this video as inspiration!

IBM Automation

A case study on the effective use of contrast, IBM Automation’s animation immediately draws viewers in when the colourful main character is surrounded in a sea of greys. This animated corporate video follows the main character’s initial enthusiasm in a lifeless company. As she settles on repetitive tasks, she gradually loses her colour and blends into the monochromatic office.

With IBM automation stepping in, the main character gains her vitality back and the once grey office gains new colours when their employees are freed from their prisons of mundanity. Despite its simple storyline, the visually striking contrast powerfully highlights how IBM automation frees workers of mindless tasks to get their spark back.


In another great example of contrast, Hootsuite’s animated corporate video uses colourful graphics against black and white to highlight their social media management tools.

The 2D animations guide viewers through the key features of their platform, showing how Hootsuite can help with social media scheduling, boosting and content creation. Guided by a zesty background track, viewers are able to understand Hootsuite at a glance.

Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina

This animated corporate video by Blue Cross Blue Shield uses a superpan – an animated long “panning” across various locations. Like a window on a long train ride, the superpan transports viewers to different settings through a continuous pan, creating a smooth viewing experience.

The 2D animated superpan follows the narrative to share how Blue Cross Blue Shield insures American patients for their healthcare costs and healthcare support. To break up the panning sequence, lighting techniques were used in some frames to create a different setting and atmosphere.

Notably, a continuous superpan may start to feel monotonous and it’s crucial to use it strategically. In this example, the animated corporate video is under a minute and ends before the monotony sets in. By strategically employing new animation techniques, brands can create a fresh, immersive viewing experience for their viewers.

Apple Health

Flipping between chaotic stop-motion and minimal 2D animation, Apple easily transitions from the stress of daily life to a serene location. The use of different animation techniques alongside the flipping transitions creates a dynamic animated corporate video.

Instead of outrightly promoting the mindfulness feature on Apple devices, this corporate video reminds users to prioritise their mental health by taking some time for themselves. Like Apple, animated corporate videos can be a form of positive brand reinforcement.

Final Thoughts

From the top 10 examples of compelling animated corporate videos, it’s clear that animation is a powerful and versatile medium. Animating your corporate videos can lead to a unique blend of artistry, storytelling and creativity – compelling viewers and reinforcing your brand identity.

However, animation doesn’t leave out the possibility of a live action sequence. Brands can also consider mixing animation with live action for their corporate videos. Mixed media enables greater flexibility and can create an interesting combination. For personalised and expert guidance in using animation for corporate videos, contact us to find out more!

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