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Life During COVID-19: How to Film Within Government Standards

Here are the four golden rules to follow when filming, while staying within government standards.

COVID-19 brought the video production industry to a standstill. The coronavirus has changed the way we live, and most notably the way we work. Working with safety distancing in place is now the new normal for many jobs. How should we continue to shoot and produce videos while staying safe? Here are the four golden rules to follow when filming, while staying within government standards.

Adhere to rules and keep your distance

For companies involved in broadcast media or digital media requiring large crews, make sure you register your company with IMDA first.

The first rule to observe after that would be safe distancing during production. To minimise the risk of crowding, the working hours of the cast and crew should be staggered. The maximum number of people at a location should be 30 people, including not more than 10 onscreen talents on set at any time, keeping at least 1 metre apart away from each other. Cast members should be on set only when they are required for their scenes.

Whether on or off-set, video communication through platforms like Google Hangouts and Zoom should be used.

Social gatherings during and after work have to be put on hold. This will ensure that the chance of the virus spreading is kept at a minimum. This means that you should not eat together with your crewmates during meal times to minimise physical contact.

Trace all movements, account for health status and travel history

Every person at the shoot location must be accounted for. The SafeEntry app should be used to record the entry of all personnel or visitors. This helps with contact tracing in the case of an infection or potential virus clusters. The full contact details of each project member should be collated and kept updated to make contact tracing more efficient.

Employers should also get team members to submit health declarations and travel history for the last 14 days.

Maintain safety and hygiene standards

As video production in a company involves multiple people at the same time, it is vital that safety and hygiene standards are met to minimise the risk of infection. Before production, a health and safety briefing should be conducted. A daily safety briefing should be given subsequently as well.

Hand sanitizer and handwashing facilities are crucial – they should always be available on site. Masks should also be worn at all times while filming, except when talents are doing a take. This reduces the spread of droplets between people. Masks and gloves should be readily available to all personnel present. Cleaning and housekeeping should be done daily.

To maintain a sanitized workplace, you should ensure that technical equipment such as camera, lights and grips are cleaned at the start and end of each day, and between each new user. Workstations used by more than one person will have to be cleaned between each user as well.

A designated health officer should be present as well to enforce protocols such as temperature measurements, contact tracing and the tracing of COVID-19 results if needed.

Minimise indirect physical contact

To prevent food sharing, all meals and drinks should be served as single-sharing portions and containers – which means no buffets are allowed! Containers should be disposed of immediately after meals.

Talent costumes should have individual covers, and hair and make-up kits must be sterilized and not shared amongst people. An infographic with a QR code should also be put up at locations in the production area to remind individuals of mandatory safety rules.

Creative work goes on despite the coronavirus, but be sure to stay vigilant and safe!

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