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Filming Challenges during COVID-19 – and How the Big 3 Crew Overcame Them

COVID-19's impact was at times, overwhelming. Read on to find out how the Big 3 crew overcame these obstacles.

Video production often requires a group of people to be in close proximity. The social distancing needed to prevent COVID-19 community spread has noticeably affected the industry. There’s a limit as to how many people you can have on location, and sanitizing and disinfecting is now part of the Big 3 crew’s routine. These new rules have brought about new challenges for the crew, but they’ve also stepped up to overcome the obstacles.

Much longer time spent disinfecting equipment and places on shoots

With the threat of the virus constantly at the back of the crew’s minds, a lot of time is spent trying to stay as safe as possible. This poses a challenge for them as video production in normal times is already a time-consuming task. A minimum of 30 minutes is spent disinfecting the place with every change of location, which ends up in shoots taking a longer time to complete. This not only leads to workers needing to work overtime, but it affects the budget as well. As the budget is set for shoot durations, a delay in production duration can lead to budget problems. However, despite the inconvenience, the crew places safety as its topmost priority and continue to disinfect their location and equipment thoroughly.

Physical discomfort and uncertainty

Sanitizing hands multiple times a day often causes dry hands and peeling skin, which can feel like you’re in the middle of winter. The crew members sanitise their hands every hour or so, at least ten times a day, in order to maintain the hygiene and safety standards required. The crew also has to commute separately when changing filming locations due to safety distancing measures, as compared to the past when they could travel together. This leads to increased costs. There is always the possibility of a crew member catching the virus while working, which can lead to a delay in production as everyone the infected member came in contact with will need to be quarantined. This is why it’s so important to stay as safe as possible.

However, despite the challenges faced, the crew members overcome them every shoot with dedication and clear communication with each other and their clients. Although they have to physically distance themselves, teamwork is now more important than ever. The work for the Big 3 crew continues, but they have continued to stay vigilant throughout the process to ensure safety for all their members and talents.

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