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Top 10 Types of Corporate Videos to Use For Businesses | Big 3

Let’s break down the different types of corporate videos you can use for your business!

As a Singapore corporate video production company with production houses in Mumbai and China, we’ve done our fair share of corporate videos. It’s not hard to see why brands love them! Corporate videos serve multiple purposes, anything from employee training to brand storytelling. 

Most brands try to create something entertaining, like these top 10 corporate video examples.  However, before you can create an effective corporate video, you’d have to be mindful of your video’s objectives. 

To fulfil a wide range of purposes, corporate videos can be wildly different from each other. Let’s break down the different types of corporate videos you can use for your business! 

1. Brand Video 

If you want to build brand awareness, brand videos are your best friend. They give other businesses an insight to your brand’s identity and what it offers. 

The main aim of a brand video is to let clients know what your brand is all about and there are different ways to do so! You can choose to narrate the story of your brand and show off its competitive edge. Or you could even simply state what your business does! 

To maintain the same look and feel for your brand throughout, ensure consistency with the colour-grading, lighting and fonts. This helps to reinforce your brand image and sends a stronger message. Hiring a top Singapore motion graphics company is recommended to ensure the quality of the video is top notch.

In Toyota’s brand video, their brand story is colourfully told. Featuring all their best-known models with stop-motion animation, Toyota’s evolution is clear to see.

2. Social Media Video

The ideal time for a corporate video is pretty short but social media videos go even shorter, ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. To stand out on your social media feed, they also tend to be more emotive. So yes, short and sweet is the way to go! 

Despite such limited time, you’d be surprised at how much you can convey! While the main goal of social media videos is still to create brand awareness, social media videos are a great format to go wild with your creativity. 

Of course, all that creativity is moot if no one notices your videos. Social media videos should encourage social media engagement so ideally, they should be attention grabbing and generate buzz. They don’t have to be entirely about your product or services. You can even incorporate social media trends in your videos to make them more relevant. 

Here’s a social media video we produced for Suki-Ya. Featuring their adorable shiba-inu mascot, this animated video was designed to kill viewers with cuteness. With its bright colours and unique style, animation is a great tool to use if you want to make a splash on social media.

3. Testimonial Video

Brand credibility is a must-have but it takes time to build it. One of the quickest ways is through testimonial videos! Testimonial videos feature reviews from people who have used your products before and it should feel authentic. 

Besides adding an element of familiarity, they’re also an effective way of connecting with new clients and may play an important role in influencing them to work with you. 

This testimonial video by Zoom is a great example! Featuring reviews from HubSpot, it was an authentic way of showing how Zoom is a great communication tool for workspaces. It also subtly demonstrated some product features, like Zoom’s Slack integration, which allows Slack users to start a Zoom meeting.

4. Behind-The-Scenes Video

Some may think they’re redundant but BTS videos offer an authentic glimpse into your company. Stakeholders or potential employees are privy to how your company functions as a team. It also acts as a brief testimonial when your video features other businesses whom you collaborated with on the project. 

And the benefits don’t end there! BTS videos are a great opportunity to showcase interesting projects your company has worked on and it shows off your company’s capabilities. Talk about walking the talk! 

In this behind the scenes video by Chipotle Mexican Grill, we see the production team’s dedication and attention to detail. From miniature models to a hand-sculpted landscape, all these elements are a testament to the team’s craftsmanship and sincere efforts.

5. Corporate Events Video

Corporate event videos can be surprisingly versatile. They can be used for talent acquisition or entice potential clients. Whether it’s an awards ceremony, business conference or corporate outing, they all deserve a bit of the spotlight. After all, a company milestone is always worth celebrating! 

However, it’s easy for viewers to lose interest in a corporate event video, especially if they’re not part of your company. Keeping it brief will go a long way in saving your viewers from boredom. Your video should show event highlights or feature insights from attendees and guests.

6. Recruitment Video

They serve a specific purpose but recruitment videos will aid in your search for the ideal candidate. By portraying a distinct brand identity, it’s easy to entice people who identify with your company’s working culture. 

“Come Join Us!” may not be the most original message but there are so many creative ways to convey it. Just look at how Fiverr did it! By infusing the video with tongue-in-cheek humour, Fiverr shows how laidback and chill they are. No seriously, they’re so chill that they came up with another generic recruitment video.

7. Corporate Documentary Video

Corporate and documentary? These words combined sound dryer than the sahara desert. Before you scroll away, corporate documentaries highlight your company’s growth! It shows stakeholders how your business has fared since its past and where it stands today. 

But what if you haven’t been in the game long enough? It certainly sounds like you’d need a long brand legacy before you can create a corporate documentary video. While these videos are best for highlighting your company’s history, it doesn’t necessarily need to be an established or prestigious one. Sometimes, a funny origin story is still worth watching! 

This corporate documentary from Photoshop certainly makes for an interesting watch as one of Photoshop’s first creators, John Knoll recreates his very first demo. Photoshop has truly come a long way since the 80s.

8. Product Demonstration Video

Product demonstration videos are a straightforward concept but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it much thought. It’s important to consider which product features will present a strong selling point and it will most likely differ based on your target audience

It’ll be wise to simplify complex concepts and keep the language simple. While it’s tempting to elaborate on your products and services, it’s always best to keep things succinct. 

Instead of simply listing your product’s benefits, think of interesting ways to present the information. If you want to keep it sleek and fresh, a little bit of motion graphics can help. Or you can turn it into a fun challenge, like in this product demonstration video we filmed for Bosch! 

The legit small kitchen challenge squeezes a married couple into a tight kitchen and they’ll each need to present a dish. Tensions rise as they fight for cooking space but Bosch’s sleek and intuitive appliances might just save the day…

9. Social Responsibility Video

Social responsibility is nothing new but with the rise of social consumerism, brands are now expected to show their support for causes they believe in. In other words, you gotta be woke. 

While social responsibility videos demonstrate a brand’s core values, it can fall into disingenuity if brands are simply doing it for the sake of appearances. The last thing you’d want is a negative brand image. 

Ensure that your social responsibility videos feature causes that are in line with your brand values. When done right, they build trust and will resonate with audiences who identify with similar causes, which will earn you more brand recognition! 

For example, this video we produced for The Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) implores viewers to “gift thoughtfully” and produce less waste. POSB’s branding has always been about staying thoughtful and forming genuine connections. After all, their iconic catchphrase is “Neighbours first, bankers second”, a sentiment that’s echoed in this video.

10. Internal Communication Video

Be it an employee training video or explaining a company policy, internal communication videos help you save your breath. Instead of repeating the same things to a new batch of employees, an internal communication video will do the trick. 

Of course, the video should also reflect the times and any changes should be updated in a new video. To see how Singapore Airlines (SIA) maintains their top-tier service consistently, check out this video we did for them! 

SIA’s service buzz provides employees with a clear, visual guide on how cleanliness should be maintained on aircrafts and the service they provide is simply stunning.

Now that you know the different types of corporate videos you can use for your business, which one are you going to produce? Perhaps you can consider working with a video production company!

With the suite of services Big 3 Media offers, we’ve got you covered! 

  • Live Streaming services
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If you’re interested, contact us to find out how Big 3 Media can help you!

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