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Corporate videos don’t have to be boring. With the right tips, you can create engaging content for your brand!

Corporate videos don’t have to be boring. With some important tips, even an employee training video can be fun to watch! 

But what makes a video effective? Is it really just about getting the message across? As a Singapore corporate video production company with a production house in Mumbai and China, we find that corporate videos are most effective when they are able to retain an audience’s attention and most importantly, leave an impression. 

With attention spans shrinking by the minute, it’s not easy to get audiences to watch through the entire video. However, you can take some inspiration from these top 10 corporate video examples. As you can see, most of them are infused with creativity and a little bit of fun

So how do you go about making corporate videos that are effective and fun to watch? Let’s start from the beginning. 

Find Your Message 

What’s the main message you want to convey? In turn, this will help you settle the key objectives you’d need to fulfil. 

Corporate videos serve different purposes and your message should align with them. What are you trying to achieve with your corporate video? Are you trying to demonstrate a new product? Or are you trying to do a company profile? 

For example, If you’re trying to communicate how your product makes lives easier, you might want your main message to focus on the ease and convenience of using it. 

Settling your main message plants the seed for your ideas and concepts to grow. The clearer you are about your goals, the easier it is to explore different ways to present your message. 

Less Is More 

It’s all about condensing as much information in the shortest possible time. Ideally, you should be able to summarise your video in one sentence. Stay focused and resist the temptation to introduce anything outside of your objective. 

Most corporate videos are 2 minutes long so keep your script tight! Introduce your main points and avoid any unnecessary repetitions. Your video should be specific yet succinct; remove all redundancies and keep your key information. 

Think outside the box poster

It can be tempting to use corporate jargon to relate to your viewers. You know, things like “low-hanging fruit”, “think outside the box” or “push the envelope”. However, it’s best to use them sparingly or not use them all. They can be seen as fluff or “filler phrases” and are a waste of words. 

While it’s good to incorporate industry-specific terms in your videos to show your knowledge, keep them to a minimum. It’s better to use them if you need to refer to something ultra-specific. Always keep the language simple. Your audience will thank you for it!

Find Your Target Audience

To capture your audience’s attention, you’ll first have to understand their needs. To do so, you’ll need to have a good understanding of who they are. Your target audience should be a group of consumers that are most likely to be interested in your product. 

There are different tools you can use to define your target audience. These analytical tools help you to assess different consumer segments so you can have a better understanding of their consumer patterns. 

After you know what interests your audience, you can figure out ways to engage them. 

Find Ways To Be Engaging 

Choosing the right video type can help you format your videos to fit the right audience. For example, an interview video can offer a great insight to your company and answer some hard-pressed questions that your viewers might have.   

You can also include some interesting elements to your video. Animation is a great way to make your videos more lively and engaging. Motion graphics can also help audiences better process the information you presented. It can also be as simple as injecting some humour. It might just be the key element in transforming a dry and stuffy video to one that’s entertaining and lighthearted. Of course, not all videos created are of equal quality so hiring the right Singapore motion graphics company is essential to avoid producing subpar videos.

The simplest way to pique viewers’ interest is to come up with a good story. While it's easier said than done, think about a unique narrative that your video can build upon. Let’s say your brand has a rich history, or even a short but funny one, you can definitely incorporate it into your video (if it aligns with your objectives). 

Show, Not Tell 

It’s a golden rule that people easily forget. 

Instead of telling viewers all the new features that your new product has, show it to them by using your product. Instead of telling viewers that your product is the best, show them using past testimonials from previous clients. Instead of telling viewers that your company is great to work in, show them how employees feel about the company. Well, you get the hint. 

After all, it is a corporate video and videos are the best tool to show your brand. 

Camera arm

From lighting to sound, it can be very easy to tell whether a video is well-produced or not. A good-quality video helps you to appear professional and polished. 

You can’t expect viewers to keep watching when they can barely see what’s going on in your video. Besides improving visibility, good lighting makes all the difference. It sets the ambience for your video and creates an immersive experience. 

If you want your video to appear sleek and professional, clean and bright lighting will help your videos look sharp. If you want your videos to feel like a nice hug, warm lighting can make it feel like home. 

Likewise, poor sound quality can strip your video of any professional feel. You want your audio to be clear and undistorted. To get rid of any background noise, invest in some good quality microphones or audio recorders. 

To capture visually interesting shots, you’d also need plenty of camera equipment and those can be pricey. Moreover, you’d also need to find videographers and photographers who know how to handle these equipment with professional ease. 

Hiring a video production company will make sure that all these needs are met and bring you a peace of mind. 

Distribute your video on the right platforms 

While you want to maximise the attention your videos get, some platforms are better at reaching out to your target audience. Popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are a good place to start. 

Other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tiktok are also great channels to promote your videos. However, the demographics on these platforms differ slightly. If you plan to reach out to a niche demographic within your industry, posting on LinkedIn can be more effective in reaching out to them. If you want to connect with a younger audience, TikTok would be a better choice. 

Another great platform would be your very own website. Search engines prioritise video content so posting your corporate video on your website can help it rank higher, earning your website more visibility. 

All Set And Ready To Go? 

With all these tips, you’re on your way to create engaging and effective corporate videos. Video production can be extremely rewarding but they can also be a long and tedious process. Working with a corporate video production company can get you all the help you need and more! 

With the suite of services Big 3 Media offers, we’ve got you covered! 

  • Live Streaming services
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  • Website design and development
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  • Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re interested, contact us to find out how Big 3 Media can help you! 

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