Why Graphic Design Matters For Your Business - Crisis or Not

As much as many may assume that graphic design is all about aesthetics - that is completely untrue.

The reality is that it is a connection between you, and your audience! From brochures, logos, websites, to other design products - graphic design has always been present in our daily lives. You’ve probably even seen it in books, branding, signage, packaging, magazines, and a lot more of other common examples.

Hence, the matter of fact is - graphics play an integral role in business.

Many people or businesses use graphics in every stage of the marketing funnel. Graphics help to inform and convince clients into making the desired action. So, why is graphics design important in the first place? What impact or effect does it make?

Efficiency in summary

If your business is looking to share information with ease - then graphic design is your answer!

According to Hubspot, infographics get liked and shared on Instagram as well as on other social media pages three times more than any other kind of content these days. Infographics help to summarise information that would have rather been too long or boring to read.

To create a good infographic, you will have to factor in all of the integral pieces of information that need to be featured in the infographic.

Some aspects to consider include:

  • Creating an infographic for your target audience
  • Always use the visual aspect to explain
  • Keep it straightforward and simple
  • Stay focused on a single message or topic
  • Promote it on the relevant platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)
  • Ensure it is of a manageable size and length
  • Resize accurately and choose a suitable, readable font
  • Include white space
  • Add in a compelling headline

Humans love to watch and view visuals more than they do with written words. This is why instructional videos and infographics are becoming more and more popular over the past few months.

Relevant graphics help to conceptualise and interpret huge chunks of information and deepen understanding.

Enhances sales

Believe it or not, graphic design can help boost your sales - which is especially useful right now; since most of us have to stay home the majority of the time.

Most will be uninterested in reading huge chunks of information - summarising such information through infographics can help send the message home quicker; leading to more and faster conversions.

Besides, people’s perception of a business changes with the type of graphic design used, even on the website. Something as simple as the logo can leave a big impression on your customers!

Creativity kills competition

To stay above the competition, graphics can play a vital role in helping you out.

Using the right online design tools and a touch of creativity can kill your competition easily, thus, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks to graphics, creating quality content has never been easier than it is right now. Your content needs to solve a problem, aside from approaching an idea. So, show your audience how your product or service can solve their problem with the right infographic or graphic design!

Establish company name

Graphic design can help you establish your name as a company in a given market.

For instance, an attractive logo will most likely make customers return to your site over and over again. Other important graphic design materials that can help clients remember you include business cards, websites and advertisements.

This even opens up an opportunity for startups, and small businesses who rarely have the budget to market advertise extensively! Especially during trying times such as these - the above tools will surely help to capture attention.

But if you have extra finances on hand, you could add in an explainer video to introduce a new product or walk your customers through a service.

Readability of content

Often, it can be a struggle to decipher certain words on an infographic or brochure - either due to small font size or an overload of text.

Hence, graphic design comes into the picture to correct these minor errors which are preventing a customer from reading and comprehending your content.

The right choice of colours, typefaces, and images can easily boost the readability of your content which you produce to keep your audience’s focus on your product or service.

By now, we hope you understand how much of a positive impact graphic design has on your business. So, if you would like to include it into your marketing strategy - you can rely on a 3D animation studio like us, Big 3, to create enticing marketing content with graphic design.

Here at Big 3 Media, we're a video production company Singapore that offers a suite of services to market your business during these challenging times:

If you are looking for content marketing options for your business, drop us an email or message and find out how Big 3 Media can help you!

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