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Score Customers With Instagram Story: 5 Tips For Businesses

Discover the different ways you can use Instagram Story for your business!

It’s a known fact - you can gain numerous customers and partnerships on Instagram through the content you share. Be it pictures or videos; you can reach out to many prospects.

Instagram, in recent times, has become an extremely popular platform to share content with customers. Want to push out a promotional product video for your upcoming launch? Get a shot of your product from different angles, choose the direction you want to follow, and maybe even throw in another special element; 2D animation or visual effects - it’s all up to you.

Then just put up a snippet of your clip on your Instagram Story, and you’re set. Do it correctly, and you’ll even manage to successfully drive sales or traffic, increase brand awareness, or bring up customer engagement!

Now, let’s go into the different ways you can utilise Instagram Story for your business, shall we?

Let your product take centre stage

So, the product launch is still coming together; you have not yet finalised its function, design, or its date of launch.

However, it doesn’t mean that all that’s left to do is to sit around and wait for its completion! Give your customers a sneak peek, get them thrilled, anticipating and counting down to the official release of your product.

These days, movies are taking the hint and releasing teaser trailers before the actual trailer is finished. Even if it’s just one minute of highlights - fans are still extremely grateful that they’ve managed to catch a glimpse of the movie, and will be even more excited than they’ve ever been before.

Show how your product works or how it can help customers in their daily lives through Instagram stories. Let them have a look at a special and distinctive feature which separates your product from others out there.

Even if yours happen to be food, you just have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and know what they’re looking for. Here’s how Chipotle does it:

Keto salad bowl ingredients instagram story

Pretty thoughtful, we would say.

Show a day in the routine of your business

Sometimes, less is more.

You don’t always have to show much to your customers - not a long 2-hour video of setting up an upcoming event or a tedious clip of your brand’s history.

Just do it like how you normally would on a day out. Share images and videos of daily happenings inside your premises; it’s a great way of showing clients how they can enjoy your products or services.

A well-set environment will inspire people to visit your premises in a bid to experience what they saw. Plus, it equally portrays the legitimacy of the brand and business. So, go on - let your customers feel the authenticity in your brand by engaging with them via Instagram Stories!

Just talk to them as if they’re your best bud and they’ll surely feel a stronger connection with your brand.

Celebrating company milestones

Company milestones are not just in-house and personal to the staff and boss; you need to celebrate milestones with your fans and customers.

Using the right tone and colours, evoke your brand personality, let your employees appear on camera, and get ready to put that video up! Employees will feel a part of the company than they’ve ever been before, appreciating that they are being recognised for their efforts in the videos.

At the same time, have your customers feel as involved as possible in your journey - they have to feel as if they’ve contributed significantly to building your brand by purchasing your products or services. It’ll push them to keep continuing on!

So, once you’ve achieved a certain milestone - make sure you create videos using Instagram Story to thank your clients. After all, without them, you would not have made it that far.

Mini-articles for the win

Trust us when we say that everyone loves learning something new each day. Knowing that fact, why not apply it to your business?

Using Instagram Story and your blog content, you can educate your customers!

People enjoy short and sweet content, which gives them just enough information to take in brand new knowledge. Create short how-to articles on topics relating to your business.

If yours is on insurance or financing, give them different circumstances in which your services will come into play, show them the various uses of your service, and any other helpful information!

Once you’ve digested all that information into a few slides of your Instagram Story, your design and colours will have to come in. Or with the help of video services from an experienced video production company, you could discuss your preferred design, corporate colours, or your goal in creating this video.

All that’s left is for you to insert a URL or call to action at the final slide or the last bits of the video, so people will be able to take action!

Now that you’ve gotten a hold of these tips, it’s time to put them to good use and start working on the content for your Instagram Story. Don’t think that Instagram is your sole platform to promoting your brand though; you too can do Facebook video marketing! The more, the merrier, make sure to spread the word of your business as much as you can via different social media platforms.

Here at Big 3 Media, we're a Singapore corporate video production that offers a suite of services to market your business during these challenging times:

If you are looking for content marketing options for your business, drop us an email or message and find out how Big 3 Media can help you!

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