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Using Social Media To Promote Your Company Anniversary

And with a dependable video production agency by your side, the results of promoting your company anniversary may just very let you reap the benefits of this special day.

A company anniversary is one of the best moments for the entire group. From the CEO to the junior staff, it’s always a good time!

However, it is important to remember a certain group that made you reach that far – your customers.

Your clients need to be a part of your anniversaries, as they are the reason why you celebrate such days in the first place. Getting all of them involved physically is nearly next to impossible. But by leveraging social media, they can easily participate in the happiness of the day.

Plus, it doesn’t mean you have to go big on your budget just to show gratitude towards your fellow customers – you just need a little bit of creativity and the help of social media. And with a dependable video production agency by your side, the results of promoting your company anniversary may just very let you reap the benefits of this special day.


Social media plays an important role in story gathering – especially when you use hashtags appropriately, you can collect a wide range of stories that align with your brand’s anniversary.

One way to make sure that you always have stories for your anniversaries is to encourage people and your staff to use hashtags. Use a hashtag that directly represents your brand, as searching company hashtags can be an easy way of getting content for the anniversary. That way, you can gather all the stories you need from staff to fans and compile them together!

But if you’re looking to move away from user-generated content, then you could also post a short and sweet video about getting your product patented back then – like LEGO.

National Park Service facebook post

For their 60th birthday, they decided to go ahead with a long-year campaign using the hashtag #HappyBirthdayBrick where they shared the story of their history and encouraged both builders and fans to share their past memories or creations of LEGO.

So, for a straightforward yet visually appealing video like LEGO, you can get in touch with a studio that specialises in social media video production to construct a clip that aligns with your brand’s company anniversary and goals.

Go live on social media

Live-tweeting, or going Facebook or IG Live during a company anniversary is a sure way of keeping your customers and fan-base up to date with what’s happening on the ground.

Remember to use your hashtag, guide the conversation, retweet posts tagging your company, and announce your plans as you promote them to your fans. You can also field questions and have real-time responses, as you use video content where needed.

If your company always organises parties or get-togethers to celebrate milestones – whether it’s a catered dinner or popping some champagne – then you can feature this live on your social media!

They’re perfect moments which should be shared online to show how united your company is.

Update your cover photo

Think of your cover photo on social media as a billboard – it should carry all the vital information for your brand, and at the same time, be appealing to clients.

Remember, this is often the first thing that clients see when they visit your pages. If possible, let your cover photos promote your latest projects. Therefore, you can use this advantage to share content related to your anniversary on the cover photo.

In case you have a new logo, then this is the best place to update it, together with the information about your anniversary.

Lego 60 year aniversary instagram post

Instagram and Twitter polls

Since these two social media giants allowed users to create polls in a bid to interact with their followers, a lot of brands have been using them!

On your end, you can use polls during your anniversary by asking your customers key milestones. Just remember that it’s not just a simple trivia game – your polls should clearly reflect your brand’s anniversary-year objectives.

With a Twitter poll, you can better understand your audience preferences and measure the success of your company’s anniversary campaign. Not to mention, the social media platform lets you set a time frame. You can tally results in a couple of minutes or stretch the poll duration for a whole week. This gives you the chance to plan polls according to your specific dates and times.

Now, mention a prize that’s up for grabs to winners, and it’ll help to promote your brand!

But don’t be worried about low engagement, it may seem that way at the start – especially if it’s your first time putting up a poll. At the end of the day, feedback is still feedback. It may just mean that you’ll have to switch things up a little with your poll, introduce a better prize, or ask more interesting questions.

Over time, you’ll soon know how to properly use the polls to promote your company’s anniversary.

Now that you have a few ideas on hand, all that’s left is a suitable partner for your anniversary celebrations on social media to flourish. At Big 3 Media, we offer services from Facebook video marketing, graphic designing to live streaming – so, we can help you in multiple ways to make sure your marketing strategy is a success!

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