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How To Determine The Best Hashtags To Use on Social Media

So, here’s how you can ensure you have the right hashtags on hand, and that you’re using them the proper way!

The ultimate platform(s) for interaction, entertainment, news, and even marketing - the uses for social media are limitless!

In fact, it has made the world more connected regardless of the different locations - which is why many brands have taken the hint and incorporated strategies like social media video production to draw potential prospects to their business.

But amongst the many social media trends - what’s really grabbing everybody’s attention? Or is successfully helping brands become more recognised?

For today, our answer is hashtags. But hold that thought! As straightforward as hashtags may seem - they aren’t that simple, and you need to utilise this tool fully so you can really boost your brand’s online presence and engagement.

So, here’s how you can ensure you have the right hashtags on hand, and that you’re using them the proper way!

Know which hashtags are trending

Be on the lookout for trending hashtags, as this will help you paint a better picture on the ones you can select.

Not to mention, with the ever-rapid advancements in technology and the online network - there are tons of ways to know which are the best hashtags to get your content moving to the masses more effectively. You can even get constant reports on how your hashtags are doing, even in the long run.

  • Discover trending hashtags on Google+ & Twitter
  • Find specific niche-trending hashtags to connect and foster relationships with your targeted users.
  • org
  • Hashtagify
  • Trendsmap
  • RiteTag

Observe your competition, audience, and influencers


Sometimes it can help if you learn from your competitors - after all, they may be using a successful hashtag that can work for your content.

You can start by conducting some competitive analysis of the hashtags, and see what you can pick and what not to. Moreover, this may help you to find new, popular hashtags to add into your repertoire!

But if you’re not interested in competing for the same consumers, then you can choose alternative hashtags as well.


When you notice that your targeted users are already using a particular hashtag - do the same, as it’ll help you gain a larger pool of customers.

Once you discover these existing Instagram communities, it’ll be much easier for you to grow your audience and reach out to individuals who are keen in your services or products.

Then, once you’ve gotten a hang of the hashtags to use - you can start creating attractive videos on your various social media platforms with a professional and experienced video production agency.


Social media influencers are normally the best to use for hashtag research - they use the most up-to-date hashtags, and you can pick one or two here!

More preferably, look at the ones that align with your brand’s niche. Make a note of how many hashtags they use in all of their posts and also check on the ones that they use more often.

Influencers and yourself all share targeted audiences and it would help if you knew how to reach yours through hashtags.

Give your hashtags a good search before using

Don’t just use any hashtag eagerly - before doing so, you have to search carefully and ensure they aren’t being used for the wrong reasons!

At the same time, make sure the hashtags you’ve selected will not be interpreted in a different manner. And avoid using specific hashtags that are for another brand’s marketing campaign.

That said, you must search the hashtags to see if other brands or users are using them, and what they’re saying. For instance, if there’s a negative hashtag being used - don’t use it as it might leave a negative impression on your brand.

Look for related hashtags

If you’re late to the party, Instagram has already released their Related Hashtags feature that allows one to easily spot for relevant hashtags. These can be found easily right on top of the “Recent” and “Top tabs.

Unlike the usual, popular and trending hashtags - these are directed towards your specific niche, which are ideal for attaining a targeted audience.

The best part?

You’re competing for lesser content!

Check the hashtags that were successful on past posts

You might have used hashtags that worked well in the past - it wouldn’t be a bad idea using them once again!

Check on the ones that featured on top of other hashtags, and implement them in your subsequent posts. As you incorporate hashtags to your social media mix, it would also help if you considered one of the best video production companies to help you through the journey.

And there you have it - you’ve officially learnt how to find the best hashtags for your various social media platforms. All that’s left is for you to apply them!

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