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Social Media Silence: When Should Your Brand Stay Quiet

Strategic social media silence can be the key in helping your brand navigate through times of crisis.

It acts as a strategic measure whenever crises are occurring – locally or internationally, ensuring that your brand does not meet with any additional problems. And besides, at some point, you’ll even see that silence will be your biggest weapon as a brand.

As a social media manager, you should have a clear understanding of your audience more than anyone else. The demands, the needs, and the wants will drive your decisions when managing the social media handles.

So, when is it that silence will be a tough decision you make? Does it reach a point when you don’t need to share anything on your social media handle? There’s a time to speak up, and a time to say nothing at all.

Read on we’ll enlighten you on all there is to strategic silence.

What is strategic silence?

Social media silence focuses on pausing any content that isn’t relevant to the current events of the world. It may also involve pausing content that may be controversial to your audience.

This strategy is not one to use daily. It should only suffice during unrest and times of crisis. Social media silence has no timeline or calculated duration. It may last long or short, depending on the current situation.

For the few posts that make it to the social media handles, they’ll need to be creative and concise. These are what we term as critical messages, which need to reach the audience strategically during this silence period.

The thought of going silent can be unthinkable for most companies and brands. You would start to imagine what the customers would think of you. Also, you would start to imagine how the competition would take advantage of your silence to capitalise.

Nonetheless, just because your brand is going silent doesn’t mean that your engagements will drop. You have to go silent and unnoticed at times to reemerge even stronger with the right marketing content by getting in touch with a video production agency. They will be able to tailor the video content according to your brand’s goals and target audience.

When is the best time to stay silent?

Controversial times

From a PR perspective, it is crucial to address mistakes by coming up with a statement or apology.

But then again, in certain situations, the right move you should make is to stay silent so as to avoid snowballing a negative conservation. For instance, if you’re offering a product that many don’t support or agree with – rather than immediately respond to these comments or posts, it may be best to let your consumers simmer down first.

When fans are feeling frustrated, whatever response you give may only make the situation far worse.

Afterwards, you can then address their concerns by putting together a post where you have already identified the issue and came up with a solution.


Despite your thoughtfulness to show your support, at times, expressing condolences may do the opposite effect.

Doing so may only make you seem as if you’re opportunistic and contrived, or even come across as insensitive when you choose the incorrect wording. Hence, staying silent may be the best move to make, especially if you’re not entirely familiar about the crisis.

Sometimes, not taking action is the ideal approach to take after all.

Let your community handle the situation

You don’t always have to make the first move and stir up more trouble, instead; you can first sit and observe the situation before deciding to take the next step.

Moreover, your community will have long-standing and passionate fans and brand loyalists who may step in and defend your brand.

Sometimes, the issue may already be solved on its own as the dedicated fans would have already dealt with the matter. Only when you notice that the situation still remains mishandled and unsolved then only should you step in and provide a response.

When your brand knows when to stay silent, it gives you the opportunity to assess the situation more clearly and know what’s the next action to take. For instance, crafting an instructional video to educate consumers on your new product. With Big 3 Media’s assistance, we’ll help make the content both compelling and straightforward for your audience.

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