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Storytelling Time: 6 Ideas For Creating Great Video Content

That said, if you’re planning to do a live-action or animation video – there are tons of ideas for video content to feature on your social media feeds and website.

Creating an information-packed and captivating video is no easy job – there’s the pre-production bit, and then there’s still post-production.

And of course – how could we ever forget about the real deal – the production itself?

Everything has to be in order for the entire process; otherwise, it won’t come out the way you want it.

While there are certainly many things to take note of when it comes to video curation – what truly stands out is the content itself. Without an enticing and proper angle – there’s no story to follow, and viewers won’t keep their eyes peeled towards the end of the clip.

That said, if you’re planning to do a live-action or animation video – there are tons of ideas for video content to feature on your social media feeds and website. Each content type like a tutorial or testimonial is done differently and captures the audience’s attention in a different way.

So, bear in mind that careful selection plays a part – it’s only when you choose the right idea will you score new customers and retain your existing ones.

Testimonials/customer stories

It goes without saying that customers are the target of your videos – but who said that it was their only role?

They go way beyond that as some customers can also form a part of the script. Customers can relate to your brand and convince other prospects to why they should choose our brand.

You absolutely have to get them on board for the journey – existing customers know your brand in and out to tell a good story. Especially try to rope in those with glowing eyes and who constantly put up 5-star reviews – those who are completely satisfied are more likely to create a larger impact when starred in your video!

Research even shows that prospective customers relate more to customer testimonials than any other person on the video does. A customer praising your product or services proves to prospects that you are indeed the right choice!

Avoid making it look like an outright campaign but rather as a story. Make them say how the product or service influenced their life, or how it helped them solve a problem. Apart from contributing to content creation – this strategy helps to boost your legitimacy and authenticity.

Behind the scenes

Everyone loves a good laugh or little insight into how a film or video was created. After all, if you take a look at all your famous films – they aren’t that picture-perfect.

There’s no such thing as a single take during a shoot – and there’s bound to be tons of NGs and bloopers.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with that – instead, why don’t you use this opportunity to share what happens behind the scenes? Go ahead, show everything that happens from the silly mistakes up to all the intimate moments between the actors.

If your business is a restaurant – show everyone who is a part of the journey too – chefs, attendants, and the like.

Tell your tale

Your story is equally a great part of the video content to create. The best way you can capture people’s attention is to create trust. Showing the face behind the business is an integral part of displaying trust.

A personal story should highlight your journey from the humble beginnings to the glory. That means showing your struggles and how it all started – as well as how you managed to overcome them.

It’s also about how your story began – what inspired you to start your business? How did you come about it? What does your business try to do that no other competitor can?

Put all of these together, and you’ll create a pretty splendid corporate video. All of this information may even make way for a great recruitment video to reel in new talents.

Fictional story

It doesn’t always have to be something “real”. Even fictional stories can promote your brand pretty well and make your audience feel entertained.

Here’s where creativity jumps into the picture. Have different elements incorporated – whether it’s humour, educational or a tear-jerker. As long as you have a gripping plot and a set of talented actors – you can make the video shine!

Viewers will watch something to the end when it’s something that touches their heart – so think and long hard when brainstorming. Otherwise, do a poll or a bit of research to find what your targeted audience is looking for.

Animation story

Considerably cheap yet visually appealing – an animation story makes for a great way to attract your audience. It has even become typical of most adverts and videos nowadays.

In this case, Lyft decides to tell a story from the perspective of one who transformed into a Lyft driver after offering a lift to a soldier who missed his bus and enjoying her experience tremendously.

It shows how the protagonist, June, is able to overcome isolation after her husband’s passing and slowly starts to interact with her passengers. The journey is touching and inspirational – makes us want to cry a river yet dive into the private driver scene to join in all the fun.

Animations have become typical of most adverts and videos nowadays. Try incorporating them in your videos, and you’ll be sure to attract a wider fan base.

Educational videos/tutorial

The simplest and most straightforward of them will undoubtedly have to be tutorials.  It shows customers and clients how to go about your products or services and understand them a little better.

In doing so, you’re lending a helping hand – showing that you are willing to help them when they are confused and stuck.

For example, if you’re a company like Spotlight with all the tools and necessities – use all of them to create something. Revamping of a room? Redesigning a chair? Preparation for a special occasion?

There are many things you can do with the materials at hand, so let your creative juices flow and start putting something amazing together!

At the end of the day – it’s up to you to find out what video works for your business and customers best. When you’ve managed to find the right one – you’ll be able to see the results for yourself!

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