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Social Media During COVID-19: The Best Timings To Post

For your brand to receive the best engagement on social media, here are the best timings to post content!

So, now that everyone is basically at home every day, can you just post anything at any time and get attention? Or does it have to be at specific intervals?

The reality of using social media is that there are strategic times to post your marketing content. Not knowing when to post, and posting at any time will have your business taking a major hit - you will miss out on clients who are interested in your services, simply because they are not online.

Nonetheless, COVID-19 pandemic has changed the timings of social media. Initially, people used to spend limited times on social media platforms. Recently, there’s been a surge in online users by a great percentage. You can attribute this to the Circuit Breaker - which had people staying at home or indoors.

While these timings stated are just a rough estimate, seeing that not every single person will be using their technological devices at the exact same moment - it will still give you a better idea of when to post and help your business stay connected with your audience!

So, for your brand to receive the best engagement on posts, here are a few good times to share content, across the different, major social media platforms.


Most people who work remotely at this time probably do so during morning time and then take a break in the afternoon.

This implies that their morning hours are uninterrupted, just as they would be in the office. They need all the concentration they can get, even though they are working remotely.

Experts state that the best time to post on Facebook during the day, therefore; it’s between 11am and 2pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

At this time, most people take a break, and can spare a few minutes to check social media platforms like Facebook, to be more precise. Therefore, brands should restructure their marketing plans to accommodate these new timelines for better engagement.

Try going with an animated explainer video along with your next post to let your audience have a better understanding of the service or product you’re trying to promote; it’ll let them know your brand better too!


Wednesdays and Fridays are great days to share content on Twitter.

The exact time to do so is 9am, according to pundits. Twitter is a fast and very convenient way for people to not only receive news and updates - but also share content.

Also, the fact that plenty of people use the platform is an added advantage for businesses and people looking to share their marketing content.


It goes without saying that Instagram has grown to be one of the most popularly used social media platforms over the past few years.

Instagram has attracted majorly the young, even though the young at heart are still trying to get themselves in sync with the platform (seeing how many parents and other middle-aged users are joining in)

Not to mention, this is one of the sites where users spend most of their times in - more than anywhere else! According to stats, Instagram users spend around 53 minutes on the platform every day – this accounts for about an hour daily. This implies that brands have a larger audience here, to get their content moving.

However, even though people spend most of their time here, it does not mean that you can just post content at any time you feel like. The best time to post on Instagram is from 10am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Meanwhile, though Sundays are practically most office workers off day - results have shown that it gets the least engagement out of all the other days in the week; so try not to post anything on that particular day!

Even with the perfect recruitment video and the right social platforms - you absolutely cannot do without the correct timings. So, keep these timings etched in your mind and follow them accordingly as you push out your next post. Just make sure to stay updated with the latest timings, so you’re always on the right track!

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