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Instagram Marketing Trends To Follow In 2020

That said, what are some game-changing marketing trends for your Instagram? Let’s take a look!

Keeping your business afloat and profitable is tough work – from marketing, advertising, sales to employee management. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it – the skyrocketing profits and brand recognition are worthwhile.

Thanks to technological advancements – Instagram marketing is now a win; together with several other colossus social media platforms. This era of social media influencers has made the platform even improved for marketing needs. Not to mention – lots of companies and businesses hire social media influencers to help them handle their marketing needs.

Initially, marketers only depended on Instagram promoted posts to push out their brands. Today, the options are limitless – there’s the emergence of Instagram stories and even IGTV for a detailed product demo which keeps you even closer to your customers.

That said, what are some game-changing marketing trends for your Instagram? Let’s take a look!

Vertical videos

Landscape videos were all we could think of back then – until vertical videos popped up and we realised that squinting over the landscape shots weren’t worth it at all.

This previously unpopular trend has become one of the most loved ones in the current Instagram base. All three options on Instagram support vertical videos including IGTV, Instagram stories and Instagram live. The best part? It’s a mobile-friendly format so users can join in all the fun.

Still don’t believe it when we say how well-loved this new trend is? Our words may not convince you yet – but maybe this delicious melon cake by TasteMade will.

Instagram stories

Want to post a quick update but don’t exactly want it to appear on your feed forever? Instagram has answered all such related requests and troubles with the simple creation of Instagram Story in 2016.

Just like your typical day – stories only exist for 24 hours – after which they go *poof*, aka disappear from the site.

But if it’s a special day where you want to commemorate your entire lifetime – Instagram has got that settled too. They’ve included the Highlights feature where you simply insert the specific Instagram Stories for that day, name your Highlight, choose the desired image to display – and you’re done!

Talk about efficiency from Instagram. huh?

Both videos and images can go onto Instagram Stories – making it an ideal way of marketing your brand. With that being said, if the former is what you’re planning to go for – you may need to hire an expert for video services. Even if the clip is going up for a short moment – quality, strong attention to detail and information in that few seconds is imperative in grabbing the user’s attention.

Take it from Calia By Carrie for instance – they managed to create a complete look – all that’s left is the price. Piqued your interest yet? Swipe up, and you’ll have your answer.

Caliabycarrie instagram story

Instagram live

Real-time? Two-communication?

All checked out with Instagram Live. There’s a lot of things you can do with this feature – such as a Q&A session or interview with an influencer or industry expert. Viewers are given further insights in regards to your product, brand, or service.

One great way to make full use of this feature is to go live during a brand event – you’re essentially spreading awareness and telling everyone of this important moment! Or it’s a new product launch – take the opportunity to show your product from different angles via Instagram Live.

Maybe, you don’t have a product or service… but a voice? John Mayer takes a different approach to market his EPs by singing snippets on Instagram Live.

john mayer instagram live

Interactive content

Most brands are using interactive content to drive engagement from their vibrant fan base. One good area to share interactive content is through Instagram stories.

By interactive, we’re not referring to your typical Q&A. Sure, Instagram does allow you to ask questions (and let users answer) – but it’s done in a much visually-appealing kind of way.

Or if you want to settle on a promotion but can’t seem to decide between the two – just do a poll on Instagram.

You’ll get a rough idea of what customers want, and you’ll be able to take note of this information for future promotions!

Influencer marketing

As hinted earlier, the use of influencers rose to be one of the biggest trends in the previous decade. In this new decade – the same seems to be happening.

Brands are constantly roping influencers in to cover their adverts and market content online. Many even argue that this trend is not new and is set to last even longer than expected.

Ad if your objective is to score a couple of new customers but go easy on the pocket? This is pretty much your answer – it’s less costly compared to traditional ad campaigns and users are much convinced to try out a product or service when they see their favourite artists, celebrities or influencers using them.

Simply put – influencers increase consumer engagement and drive more sales for brands, which is all you are looking for in business.

girl in zombie make up

But if you can get hold of more than one popular influencer like The Walking Dead – why not?

In summary, these are pretty much what you should take note upon and follow for your upcoming Instagram marketing campaign. But remember – just following the basics aren’t enough – take it up a notch with 2D animation and other unique styles to make your marketing piece stand out!

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