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Live Streaming Preparation: Before, During & After

What does it take for you to arrange and host a live stream? Let us walk you through the entire process!

Thanks to the wizardry of technology – we can do more today. Live streams have become a part of our routine these days; especially increasing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While live streaming is simple, easy and precise, it takes more than just sending live videos to your audience. You need to prepare beforehand – so that you can do it perfectly.

So, what does it take for you to arrange and host a live stream? Let us walk you through the entire process, step by step, alongside one of the best video production companies for amazing results.

Before the live stream:

Plan right from the start

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – what exactly do all these have in common?

Aside from a charming and engaging host – a lot of preparation is done behind the scenes. Otherwise, the entire show will be in complete mayhem if preparations like lighting, guests, sets, and schedules aren’t ready.

Likewise, the same applies to a live stream!

While there may not be a ready audience right in front of you when you go up the stage – you still have to prepare to impress. In other words, set the right goals and follow them closely. For a start, here’s what to keep in mind:


Know who you’re planning to target, as this will help to tailor the message towards them – directly!

Research on the rough estimated time when they’re free to be idle and browse the Internet. Also, consider the date and time of your stream if you’re targeting an international audience – this specifically applies to holidays and time zones.


Once you know your audience – you’ll know which platform to push out your live stream to. Typically, Facebook is the go-to choice right now.

At the same time, this applies to the physical location you’ll be hosting from; ensure you’ll be broadcasting from an appropriate location – meaning with an excellent Internet connection, free from noise disruptions, and great lighting.


Determine the category of live stream, title, and get ready to go live!

Ensure you know exactly what you’re planning to discuss, address, or announce in the live stream – the audience will appreciate the confidence one exudes during the stream, and it’ll grab their attention for sure.

Choose a format

You need to determine the format that you will use for your broadcast. Here are some format ideas, which you can pick for your live stream:

  • Product or service reveals
  • Question-and-answer sessions
  • Behind-the-scene peeks
  • How-to instructional videos
  • Interviews

Depending on your purpose for the live stream, you might use any of the above formats, or others that you deem best-fit. For instance, it’s a great move to go with how-to instructional videos format if you aim to generate leads. So, determine your objective, and you’re all set!

During the live stream:

Don’t lose sight of the plan

Never go astray or off-track during a live stream. Once you know the type of session you want to have, the platform, and format, it would be best to stick to the plan.

That said, here’s what to look out for:

  • Duration of the live stream
  • Main and subtopics during the broadcast
  • What is expected of the audience during and after the live stream

Keep them on the hook

Once you have gathered your audience, the hard part is to have them stay engaged and interested throughout the broadcast.

Some may leave when they feel that it is no longer interactive or entertaining. Therefore, you need to keep their attention on you by engaging in questions and giving meaningful and vital information.

After the live stream:

Keep it viewable

This is for those that either missed the live broadcast or just wanted to view the completed broadcast again. You can even share it to your blog, website, and social media pages – after all, the power of social media video production should never be underestimated.

Some of the most popular platforms include Twitter, Instagram, and of course – Facebook!

While you may not be able to share the whole clip to Twitter and Instagram – a cleverly edited sneak peek will get them interested in viewing the full version on your website.

Analyse your performance

Last but not least, check the video’s performance and viewer engagement points after the live stream is complete.

As a team, you might also want to consider the quality of the information provided, your preparedness, timing, and ability to answer questions.

If you would like to hear from the audience themselves, then go onto your social media platforms and do a Q&A post or poll – where users can comment or click on the specific answer on the poll to address any concerns or give any feedback.

And there you have it, a rough guide to setting up the perfect live stream when the time calls. Meanwhile, it’s not the only way to market your brand or send a message – with a 2D animation studio such as ourselves, Big 3; we can help create a recruitment video or promotional piece – depending on what your purpose is! So, work with us and let us create some magic together.

Here at Big 3 Media, we're a corporate video production in Singapore that offers a suite of services to market your business during these challenging times:

If you are looking for content marketing options for your business, drop us an email or message and find out how Big 3 Media can help you!

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