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How Retail Businesses Can Leverage On Social Media

Even though some might think that social media is killing retail, it's the opposite.

Retail businesses are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of social media usage.

Social media has provided the retail sector with a chance to evolve and become more efficient. For the retailers that are still sceptical about social media use, the current trends in shopping should act as a wake-up call.

Besides, as a retail business leverages on social media - it will help to touch on different areas like building on brand loyalty, direct valuable traffic to your website, establish genuine relationships with customers, and so on!

So, don’t let the competition leave you behind, as this will affect your business in a great way. If it means taking on new marketing strategies like social media video production even - then get in touch with the right company for the best results. Social media is a potential hub for clients in different industries, after all, and the retail sector is not left out.

Read on to discover how your retail business can leverage on social media:

Focus on social media customer service

Customer service is of paramount importance in any business, and mastering an effective customer service relationship with clients can elevate your retail business to a great extent.

Consumers are constantly engaging with brands/retailers through social media, as it is an easier way to relay messages.

Being ready to handle questions from clients on social media is an important step. It is extremely crucial for you to listen to customer feedback attentively and give every client on social media the attention they deserve.

Personalising responses, and actually responding within the shortest time possible is important. An estimated 60% of customers, as seen from Twitter’s own data, prefer getting response under one hour from brands/retailers.

Take advantage of user-generated content

Brands are constantly taking advantage of user-generated content for marketing. The use of customer photos is known to boost traffic, engagement and even conversions. It is even the sole reason why followers of a brand increase in numbers!

If you look at Target for a start, they’re always encouraging followers to @mention them in their posts so followers can be showcased in their stories or feeds. This makes customers feel appreciated, remembered - increasing the chances of being a repeat customer and purchasing your products once again in the future.

Though this is not a retail business, we see Airbnb giving a little sneak peek to some of the most beautiful homes owned by the hosts themselves - making followers interested in knowing where these homes are actually located at!

airbnb instagram post

So, create a hashtag to find out who’s tagging your brand and putting on your apparels! By giving their post a simple like or even featuring them on your feed will not only motivate them and make them feel special, but also trigger others to shop with your retail company.

Make social shopping a breeze

People want simplicity - so, you need to make the purchase process as easy as possible.

Hearing the users’ needs, Instagram has stepped in to help users on their search for products and brands - made possible by introducing the new Shop Tap. And they’ve also enhanced the shopping experience by roping in well-known retailers like Sephora and Adidas to use the all-new Checkout feature.

Likewise, you can do the same and help make the customer experience easier and more enjoyable!

But if your followers are not familiar with how to use the new features, you can always invite one of the animation companies in Singapore to help craft an explainer video. With a clearer understanding of how the features work, your customers will very much appreciate the extra help given and know how to purchase your products.

However, besides the clever incorporation of features aside - you’ll also need to be constantly present on social media, if you are looking at increasing your conversion rate. After all, better engagement will make customers more satisfied knowing that your brand cares about their experience.

Work on your physical packaging

Your packaging is simply your billboard marketing chance. This is where you can get clients to appreciate your brand. A majority of customers will return to the same retailer if the packaging is good.

For Smirnoff Caipiroska, the renowned Brazilian drink whose intention is to launch their new formula of flavours - they decided to get design agency JWT onboard to create a unique set of bottles with the texture of the fruit for the different flavours - passion fruit,  lemon, and berries! Moreover, there’s even a diagonal perforation so customers can experience what it’s like to peel a beverage made of fruit.

Smirnoff Campaign

As complex and interesting as it sounds, your product packaging doesn’t necessarily have to swing that way. Instead, you can just rewind to how your product was first created like the Hexagon Honey by Lovely Package. Even the Made by Bees vertical label gave it a nice touch.

Now, just combine your social presence along with your physical packaging and the duo will elevate your marketing game by potentially drawing in new customers or followers.

With social media, retail businesses can easily take their business to greater heights by implementing the right steps. For starters, you can take note of these few and see the results it’ll bring.

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