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Beyond basic marketing: Tell a Compelling Brand Story And Win Customers

How can you create a brand story that stands out with its authenticity?

Now that we know why storytelling in brand marketing is important, let’s talk about how we can tell the most engaging story possible. Brand stories these days are a dime a dozen, so how can you create a brand story that stands out with its authenticity? How do you create that feeling of trust and relatability that customers seek?

Brand stories work when they go beyond products and services.

Firstly, you need to have a clear vision of your brand’s identity.

Think about the legacy you want your brand to leave behind. Stories are not simply sales pitches. A brand story that focuses too much on product details is empty and will not resonate with your audience. An effective brand story will instil the sense of a bigger purpose beyond the services or products that your company offers.

Nike has done this well by sharing success stories of athletes, which is in line with their famous slogan "Just Do It". As Nike is a sports brand, its brand story is motivating when they associate their brand with the success of athletes. This inspires customers to do their best in their fitness journeys. Through their campaigns, Nike has managed to empower their audience, which makes their brand story such a compelling one.

Secondly, your story should be audience-centred.

Having a clear vision and being authentic is important, but you should also keep your story relatable to your audience. Thousands and millions of sources are fighting for your consumers' attention - the only times I don't skip ads on YouTube are when the first few seconds are emotional and relatable to me. Therefore, you should determine who your target audience and use language that is most likely to reach them. Speaking to the baby boomer generation is vastly different from speaking to Gen Z. Choose the wrong tone and people will just skip your ads or scroll past your content.

If your brand was a person, what would he or she be like?

Personality is the factor that sets you apart from the rest. To take your brand storytelling to the next level, you can start by building your brand personality based on who your target audience is and who they are inclined to trust. Taking time to customise a persona or basing your brand on an existing archetype is the key to making your brand story unforgettable – for example, Disneyland’s personality is childlike happiness. Disneyland calls itself the “happiest place on earth”, and their advertisements give off the feeling of magic and wonder, which are likely to result in children begging their parents for a trip there. When your brand persona can have such an effect on your audience, you're one step closer to a compelling brand story.

Disneyland TV Commercial, 'The Happiest Place on Earth: $67 Per Child Per Day'

mickey and minnie mouse at disneyland

Brand storytelling is much more than just your brand – it should be something that people can identify themselves with. And at the end of it all, if people talk about your brand story to their family and friends, then you can be sure that your brand story is powerful, effective and most importantly, human.

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