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A Simple Guide To Using Memes For Marketing Your Business

With that being said, it’s high time for you to incorporate memes into your marketing strategy! Get your trusted video production agency by your side and start elevating your marketing content.

Memes are the way of life for many millennials all over the world. They have helped us live through even the hardest of times, including the current COVID-19 pandemic.

After all, as the saying goes - laughter is the best medicine. And now, they provide a golden chance for marketing brands!

Still, the thought of marketing your brand with memes doesn’t exactly come across one’s mind at the start - especially if you’ve never used them before. But if you think it through carefully and take a glance at your feed - you’ve probably seen one or two memes before.

With that being said, it’s high time for you to incorporate memes into your marketing strategy! Get your trusted video production agency by your side and start elevating your marketing content.

So, why memes?

  1. Cost-effective, at times - even free. In other words, it offers a greater ROI (return on investment).
  2. Greater reach, audience engagement, and brand memorability.
  3. Demonstrates your brand personality, letting you humanise your brand and communicate extra effectively.
  4. Securing a higher chance of going viral.
  5. Highly accessible across various social media platforms.

How to use memes correctly

Ensure the meme matches your brand’s voice

As much as you may know which are the specific memes that appeal to your audience - the memes you use should be directly related to your brand’s voice.

In other words, you should make sure they align with your brand’s voice - brand consistency is an important trait to cultivate in your business/company.

Your target audience can help you define your voice, and identify the memes that fit in perfectly. Connecting with your audience equally has the added advantage of delivering to them what they expect from you at all times.

For instance, Apple’s advertisements are known for their minimalist visuals - but they’re just as engaging with their written content! Visuals and words combined - they make for a unique yet distinctive, straightforward brand voice.

Glo go paperless ad

Know your memes

Memes may seem to be a piece of cake to make, but they aren’t really!

The specificity of memes is what makes them distinct amongst brands. Hence, why the way you curate your memes matters a whole lot.

If you aren’t sure of how to do it properly, then it would be advisable to get the right people to help you create ideal memes. It’s the same as how you would approach a professional studio agency to help with Facebook video marketing! Only with a reliable and experienced team, will you be able to successfully discover and use the right memes.

Old is gold, and we’re sure you’ve heard or even seen this type of memes in person! Taking home close to 400k likes on Twitter for their post, Denny’s have clearly executed the meme the right way.

dennysdiner twitter post

Use relevant memes only

As simple as it sounds, one may have the tendency to forget when a meme is already past its prime.

So, as much as you want to jump on the bandwagon - make sure the meme is still trending. Otherwise, after the countless times people have scrolled through their feed and viewed similar memes - they may end up disregarding yours as they’ve gotten bored of them.

Make your memes

Try to be creative with memes by being original. Creating unique memes gives you the power over your competition, and increases your audience size when you give them a good laugh!

However, creating your own probably isn’t going to be easy at all - you’ll need to think out of the box and make sure you’re not unintentionally copying other brands or individuals.

For a start, here’s a great example by Jimmy John’s. Not only did they display a great example of how “eager” moms can be when it comes to using discounts fully - but they’ve also managed to slide in their promotions and advertised them successfully, and humorously!

jimmyjohns instagram meme post

Take part in meme challenges

Meme challenges or contests can equally create a good platform for your brand to market itself. Social media challenges spread fast like fire, and you can always use this to your advantage by sharing bomb memes.

Or if you’re like Zomato, which is known as a food delivery app - you can improvise a little to move away from the hype and make things slightly more interesting on your end.

And so, they decided to make the popular 10-year challenge on the Internet a little different instead.

zomato meme twitter post

We’ve come to the end of our brief guide to memes marketing. But even then, it certainly doesn’t make the process of curating the perfect meme easier - as you’ll need creativity, visual impact, alongside many other aspects to be able to reel in your audience.

At Big 3 Media, we understand the struggles of marketing as a whole, and whether you’re planning to do memes or any other marketing strategy - we pride ourselves as one of the best video production companies that’s ready to take on any challenges.

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