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6 Instagram Accounts For Brand Inspiration - 2020 Edition

Learn from other distinguished brands and figures and see how you can do the same for your own brand’s Instagram account!

Are you between a rock and a hard place, and you just can’t find your way out of this sticky situation - aka the unchanging follower count or the poor brand recognition?

Sometimes, it’s not a matter of your issue; but rather, the lack of experience that’s keeping your Instagram account from rising in popularity. Still, there’s nothing wrong with that - everyone has got to start from somewhere.

Besides, you should be taking this opportunity to do a little bit of research and studying! Learn from other distinguished brands and figures and see how you can do the same for your own brand’s Instagram account!

Cars - BMW

bmw instagram feed

Here’s a shoutout to all the automobile enthusiasts out there - the BMW Instagram page is the go-to stop for everything motors.

Rich, diverse content of self-produced and reposted images and videos - they certainly have them all! Most of these videos are captivating, which can help you learn a thing or two about creating intriguing content.

What you can probably do on your end is get in touch with a company specialising in the standard video services or even video animation services to make your content a whole lot special.

Afterwards, post it up on your Instagram page and you’re good to go!

It also has a robust engagement and interaction with its followers - keep a close eye on their comments section; they respond to customers directly whenever they can - making them feel noticed and appreciated.

This makes it an ideal brand for those seeking tips on how to relate with customers and fans.

Sports – Nike

Nike instagram feed

Without a doubt, Nike is one of the largest brands in the world when it comes to sports and fashion. (As of this writing, they have 103 million followers - wowsers!)

Their slogan “Just Do It” seems to reflect in every aspect of their social media posts. It aims at motivating fans into becoming champions and athletes aside from wearing their sleek shoes.

Even in their profile, they’ve stated that: “as long as you have a body, you are an athlete.” Way to go Nike for making us all feel like we’re part of an active movement.

The page presents videos of both celebrities and ordinary people whose lives change through the company’s impact. Their feature of individuals from all levels of life is a direct representation of their love for all fans and customers.

Home décor – IKEA

Ikea instagram feed

Who loves strolling the floors of this well-known ready-to-assemble home furniture and décor brand, walking from each showcase room to showcase room, feeling like it’s your very own home?

Whatever’s your answer - we know we definitely love the idea of it every time.

Fun and all aside, IKEA is certainly a popular brand you can check out if you want to give your Instagram feed a pop of colour. They have a rich Instagram account, which shows clients exactly where to get their products through their photos.

How you may ask?

With Curalate, they created a landing page which links each one of their images directly to the product page on their site.

Better start taking down notes and applying to this your Instagram page so it’ll benefit both sides - you and your customer!

Beauty – Lush

With over four million followers on Instagram, it is none other than the eco-friendly and exceptional production standards beauty brand known as Lush.

Just some time back then, they focused on the conservation of sharks.

Lush instagram feed

They’re all about saving the planet, which is a fantastic movement that many can relate to and even partake in.

Bio aside, they demonstrate their passion and drive for the movement through other means like their stories and feed. If you take a closer look at their profile in the photo, they even put up a highlight specially dedicated to this movement.

They also partake in charity events or work with organisations to support their eco-friendly approach.

Food – Chipotle

chipotle instagram feed

Unlike your usual Instagram accounts from all the world-renowned brands where every post is focused on promoting a particular service/product, promotion, or event - Chipotle’s marketing approach goes down a different route.

Aside from burritos, you will notice many memes from their Instagram page - every single one with a tinge of relation to their business.

Remember, there are many ways to market your business; humour is one of them.

Chipotle has a funny and impressive page featuring some of the most hilarious content you will ever see online. This maintains their huge mass of followers checking their page daily.

So, the bottom line here?

Give your Instagram page a unique element that will gain traction among your customers and the public. If humour is your thang, go ahead and be in the spotlight!

Business – Daymond John

Daymond John - sounds familiar enough to you?

If you can’t help but take one’s hat off to all the budding entrepreneurs who started from nothing and exciting yet hair-raising business pitches at the same time - you’ve probably heard of the well-known American TV series, Shark Tank.

Well, did you know that he also has a popular Instagram handle as well

thesharkdaymond instagram feed

Filled with numerous motivational quotes, successful entrepreneurial stories, and tour dates all over the globe - he gives all aspiring entrepreneurs the encouragement they need to pursue their business.

thesharkdaymond post

No dream is too big.

Give his Instagram page a look if you ever feel unmotivated and listless - you will feel the rush once more after you see all his posts!

Got a rough idea on what to do for your own Instagram page? If that’s the case - great. Guess it’s time to start putting up that recruitment video, grow your workforce, and start pushing out that video so you can put up even more spectacular content!

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