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5 Essential Marketing Strategies To Reach Generation Z

So, how exactly can your marketing tactics reach Generation Z? For starters, you can have a look at a few that we’ve compiled together down below!

Marketing to millennials has been a tough nut to crack for most brands. Still, it’s not the impossible - you just have to put in a little more effort than usual to really grab hold of their attention!

In fact, many brands have found effective ways of penetrating the market, and it’s time for you to do the same. From the use of social media like Facebook video marketing to incorporating memes to your social media posts - there are many powerful marketing ideas out there.

The next generation of customers – Generation Z, is definitely going to be a sharp contrast from the current millennials. You’ll need to first understand who they are, as you learn to market to them. Generation Z includes individuals born between 1996 and 2014. For this generation, technology hasn’t been anything new, as most of them have grown with it.

So, how exactly can your marketing tactics reach Generation Z? For starters, you can have a look at a few that we’ve compiled together down below!

Be a business they’ll look up to

Generation Z is always on the lookout for some form of inspiration, and offering them that can be a great way of closing the deal.

For instance, for every product you sell, you can donate a percentage to a certain cause. This generation, just like the millennials, looks forward to changing the world through their works.

And when you do this, they become more drawn to your brand - after seeing how you’re doing your very best to make a meaningful impact on the environment, society, or any other cause. Once you show your commitment towards the general good, they’ll gradually refocus their attention to your brand.

And there you go - you’ve officially left a positive impression of your brand on your targeted audience!

You can market your content towards the direction of poverty and hunger issues, environment, equality, and human rights, as seen from research done by Cone Communications.

Know how to use each social media platform

Without a doubt, you’ll be catching the majority of this generation on their mobile phones or any technological device.

So, if you fail to position your brand towards this behaviour - it can affect your brand’s growth and market penetration. In other words, you must understand how to utilise all the social media platforms effectively for marketing.

According to Ryan Jenkins, a speaker for millennials and Generation Z - he discovered that the latter uses social media on an hourly basis. Since this is the case, it would be a great idea to post content regularly across all social media platforms, so that you can reach them strategically.

However, one thing to note is that you can’t advertise to Generation Z on all social media platforms using the same tactic. Some use Facebook to get information and news, while others believe Instagram is a fantastic place for showcasing one’s aspirational self or humorous content.

Right now, there are all sorts of tools at hand that allow one to customise their dashboard to offer exceptional customer support using social media platforms. For instance, it’s as simple as integrating Facebook Messenger with your website to provide real-time interaction online.

Original Coast Clothing summer sale web banner

Drop ancient marketing methods

A new generation means new marketing techniques. Former marketing methods that worked really well might flop terribly for this coming generation.

Therefore, it all comes down to how you twist your marketing to fall into the demands of Generation Z successfully. Feel free to take some time to understand this generation, as this will help you formulate the right techniques that’ll work. You may even need to engage one of the best video production companies, as they have the expertise of helping clients come up with suitable marketing content to help appeal to a specific audience.

However, one thing to note is that it may be best to move away from the usual marketing tactics of advertising celebrities. According to BazaarVoice, 63% of Generation Z individuals prefer advertisements with real people, compared to those with celebrities.

With that being said, it’s time to collaborate with influencers for more reach, engagement, and followers! Sony, a major brand known to many, previously invited 30 influencers to help in promoting their Xperia Z5 mobile phone - which achieved a reach of 17 million people.

In other words, when you find the right people and use the right platforms - you would have gained new prospects or at least raise more awareness of your brand!

Up your creative game

You are no longer dealing with the former generations that didn’t know a lot about tech - the current and future generations are made up of tech-savvy individuals; so, you’ve got to be extra creative in your approach.

Try and create quick, effective content that appeals to Generation Z. The reason you’ll need to be quick is due to the short attention span from this group – which is roughly about eight seconds.

So, engage with a video production company or browse through the animation studios list to discover who’s the perfect match for your brand, and come up with a short and sweet ad. For example, the skyrocketing popularity of monthly subscription boxes!

Typically, Generation Z has grown up being able to consume everything “On Demand” - so, they’re most likely to refuse commitment towards a new service or product without being able to sample it first. Hence, the reason why monthly subscription boxes are becoming popular by taking the “try before you buy” approach!

From monthly subscription boxes like Enchanted Crystal, for those who love crystals or minerals for spiritual or accessorising reasons, Comma Vintage for vintage clothing, to Pipsticks with a mission to help spruce up your journal with adorable stickers - there are plenty of options for Generation Z.

3 boxes of crystals surrounded by purple and grey crystals

Combine convenience with social commerce

Discover all kinds of social commerce features and processes easily available for setting up on many social media platforms.

Previously, we mentioned how retail businesses could use social media to make the buying process simpler for users - such as the Checkout feature found on Instagram. But it isn’t the only social media platform capable of helping retail stores - Facebook itself has helped numerous individuals and merchants after the launch of Marketplace!

Businesses can integrate their ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and so forth with Marketplace and sell products to users. In other words, there isn’t any need for one to head down to your website - a simple purchase can be easily made on the social media platform itself!

Just like for any other group, you must do a fair amount of research, so you know what the proper marketing strategies to use for you to grow your audience are. To begin with, we have a few you can go with first!

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