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In this post, we’ve selected 5 brands that were great at video marketing. We hope that these examples can show you how to create effective videos to promote and strengthen your brand image.

Videos can launch a brand anywhere. In fact, it's so powerful that it’s essential for brands to have a video marketing strategy. With every brand fighting for attention, it can feel very competitive. This is why brands need to make the most out of their video marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re just getting started or a complete pro at video marketing, you can still learn from some of the best!

In this post, we’ve selected 5 brands that were great at video marketing. We hope that these examples can show you how to create effective videos to promote and strengthen your brand image.

1. Wix

An extremely versatile tool, Wix is a website builder that can help you set up customised websites tailored to your needs. With versatility comes plenty of features that might feel overwhelming to learn from scratch.

This is why it’s important for Wix to create…

Informational videos that demonstrate the product

Before illustrating what features are on their site, Wix shows you how these features can be used. Specifically, this video demonstrates how Wix can be used for eCommerce.

A quick but effective run-through, this video highlights Wix’s key features with a minimalistic approach. By breaking down the steps for creating an online storefront, Wix makes it effortless. Designing an online store sounds like an arduous task but Wix strips down this complicated process into its simplest form, showing you how they can make your life easier.

Now that they have demonstrated how their product can be used. Wix needs to show if their product is truly effective. What better way than to show this through…

Testimonial Videos

Let your customers speak for you! Often, their voices speak louder for the brand. Testimonials from customers help establish credibility and it feels authentic. Not only will it enhance your brand image, it will also increase brand loyalty from existing customers and reinforce the trust in your brand.

Wix demonstrated this by showing how these successful business owners used Wix for eCommerce.  

By compiling stories and testimonials from top business owners, Wix is proving how useful and effective their websites can be.

2. Apple

Apple’s marketing strategies are indeed genius. Closely aligned with their brand image, their video ads usually feel sleek, fresh, and luxurious.

If Wix showed you how you can achieve wonders with minimalism, Apple has perfected the art of it. When video marketing their products, Apple tends to go big on the visuals.

Videos that show, not tell

For instance, this video ad ran with the jungle concept to demonstrate the new green finish for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Rather than telling you, Apple used their stunning visuals to show you that the iPhone 13 is now green. There was minimal text and zero narration yet the message was delivered with full clarity.

Visuals are the main element in video marketing. Beyond delivering the aesthetics, they need to feel purposeful. This is the main reason why Apple’s video ads do not need to rely on narration. Their visuals do all the work!

In this video ad, the iPhone 13’s main features are all shown through the visuals. Even the storytelling used in the ad was minimal, which mainly featured a delivery boy’s working day. However, the storytelling demonstrates the iPhone 13’s improved features.

Every element of the ad goes hand in hand to complement the visuals in order to deliver a powerful message. On top of that, Apple’s choice to star a delivery boy in their video marketing is one that’s incredibly apt. Due to lockdown restrictions in 2021, there was an increase in delivery sales in the US, and delivery workers were essential during the pandemic. Not only did Apple demonstrate the iPhone 13’s durability by following a delivery boy’s hectic day, it also incorporated a relevant subject to show how Apple’s products fit its time. That’s not to mention the catchy music Apple uses in most of their ads, which is simply the cherry on top of a beautifully executed video.

Moreover, their impactful video marketing campaigns all show you how Apple’s products enhance your quality of life, which is aligned with their brand image of luxury. Apple’s minimalistic approach is also great at retaining your attention. By stripping down their products to its key essentials, you immediately know what they are selling and why it matters. More importantly, this minimalistic approach is also very on-brand with Apple and it only strengthens their brand image and identity.

3. Gucci

A high-fashion brand, Gucci has long held the image of luxury and exclusivity. However, they’ve been working hard to reinvent themselves. More notably, their video marketing strategies have caught the eye of younger consumers like Gen Z.

If you are a frequent user of TikTok you might have come across the #GucciModelChallenge, where TikTokers try to dress like Gucci models. At the time of writing, the hashtag has gathered over 428.2 million views. You might find it shocking that Gucci did not start this viral trend. In fact, it was young TikTok users who started experimenting with different layers of clothing to poke fun at Gucci’s signature outfits.

Gucci signature outfits

Recognizing the opportunity, Gucci jumped on the bandwagon and started posting their own versions of the challenge. As the trend became more viral, it allowed Gucci to post…

User-generated videos

User-generated content refers to content created by the users of your product or anyone not affiliated with the brand. In this case, it was the various Tiktokers who participated in the #GucciModelChallenge.

@gucci Celebrating the #GucciModelChallenge—created by users to recreate Gucci-inspired looks with their clothing. @iblamepraise Voice by @morganpresleyxo ♬ original sound - Gucci

By reposting these videos onto their official channel, Gucci is showing that they don’t take themselves too seriously. It makes the brand feel more accessible and authentic, qualities that Gen Z value. It also helps Gucci with their rebranding by showing that they can connect with youths. This was best shown when Gucci collaborated with a few TikTokers who participated in the trend to post their #GucciAbsoluteBeginners TikTok series.

@gucci Your guide to living a Gucci life by @morganpresleyxo for #GucciAbsoluteBeginners. @dazed ♬ Absolute Beginners - Gucci

A continuation of the #GucciModelChallenge, this series of TikTok videos shows the TikTokers dressed in actual Gucci outfits while going through a wacky day in their lives. Besides making the content creators look effortlessly fabulous in their Gucci fits, it showed Gucci’s sense of humour and was very well-received by TikTok users.

By creating user-generated content, Gucci was able to embark on a video marketing strategy that was largely fuelled by Gen Z. Not only did it help rebrand Gucci’s exclusive brand image, it also resonated with younger consumers, which was exactly what Gucci wanted in their marketing campaigns.

You can never predict what will go viral on TikTok but with some tips, you can be trending on TikTok too.

4. Grammarly

Thanks to their fierce video marketing strategies, Grammarly has accumulated 30 million active users as of today.

Although they make frequent appearances in YouTube ads, their marketing videos are still compelling to watch. With a clear aim and target audience, their videos get to the point — fast.

Videos need a clear direction

Grammarly’s videos are usually short yet straightforward.

This video was clearly targeted at students. It also acted as a product demonstration video by showing how Grammarly works. In a short 30-second scene, Grammarly shows how they correct sentences. Although there was nothing grammatically wrong with the sentence, Grammarly managed to spruce it up by shortening it and enhancing the vocabulary. This would be especially useful for students who are more likely to make mild grammatical errors rather than serious ones.

Rather than telling the audience about their product, Grammarly shows students how it can be used. From writing essays to cover letters, Grammarly demonstrated their ability to fit every student’s needs.

Of course, Grammarly doesn’t just target students. Many of their other videos are also aimed at business owners, hobbyists, writers, and more!

Although their services are aimed at anyone who needs to write, their videos are usually targeted at a specific audience. This keeps their videos sharp and laser-focused. By going through different audiences in different videos, they show you their product’s versatility and the consideration they have for customers’ different needs.

5. Dior

A fashion trendsetter, Dior is known for their elegance and luxury. They’re also equally known for their big-budget video productions. High-fashion brands are no stranger to celebrity endorsements. But when you pair a renowned actress with great storytelling, you have the 2017 Miss Dior video marketing campaign.

Use your videos to tell a brand narrative

It sounds instinctive and videos should be complemented with storytelling. However, marketers need to be mindful about telling stories that align with their brand.

In Dior’s 2017 Miss Dior marketing campaign, the 45-second video is a visual metaphor for the intense emotions that accompany love. The video stars Natalie Portman, an Israeli-American actress, and Dior’s brand ambassador. Through her acting, the audience sees her range of emotions — from rage at her lover to pure contentment as she hugs her lover on a bus.

The glamorous set-pieces and rosy colour-grading gives the video an added air of romance and femininity. In 45 seconds, we see Miss Dior jumping off a cliff with no hesitation and spelling out “love” in a pink Jaguar car, adding a subtle touch of rebellion. Through this series of actions, we see what Dior envisions Ms. Dior to be. It’s a feminine perfume that’s meant to emulate romance in all its intensity. Accompanying the visuals, Dior’s choice of using Sia’s song Chandelier only enhances this dramatic intensity with her powerful vocals.  

This concept is also entirely in line with Dior’s branding, which has always been hyper-feminine, chic, and romantic.

While it’s important to have a compelling story to tell, it’s necessary to find one that coincides with your brand identity. Building your brand narrative helps customers better identify your brand’s core values. With a strong brand identity, marketers can also have a greater influence on customers and generate more brand loyalty.


Video marketing may not always be easy. However, we hoped that these 5 brands can inspire you to create great content.

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