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How To Make A Trending, Smashing Video On TikTok

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The social media platform that has been skyrocketing with popularity is especially popular among young teens, and even has about 800 million monthly active users, as seen on Datareportal, 2020.

It’s a short-form, video-sharing social media app, known for various types of video content; from social media challenges, song imitations, adorable animal videos, to even ASMR videos - the list is endless.

In fact, we’re seeing a lot of creators, brands, and even just day-to-day users taking advantage of the platform to share content. Businesses, in particular, have to make the extra effort to come up with highly engaging content, even if it’s within the duration of 60 seconds. In other words, it may mean having to get in touch with a professional for excellent video content marketing to see results.

Now that you have a rough idea of what TikTok is, it’s time we go into the specific steps to creating an impressive TikTok video!

Invite influencers

Without question, social media is taking centre stage among the current generation. In fact, Gen Z, in particular, makes up approximately 60% of TikTok users, as seen on recent statistics found by Wallaroo Media.

However, as there’s a wide range of social media platforms these days, it has become increasingly challenging to reach out to audiences like Gen Z. Hence, one of the best ways is to contact and collaborate influencers. Particularly, selecting influencers which have similar goals or have already established a relationship with your target demographic, you’ll be able to better engage your audience and appeal to them.


For instance, the collaboration between Tommy Hilfiger and Dalia Mya has seen amazing results for the brand. Dalia is one of the most well-known German TikTok users, with 5.7 million followers, and numerous brands have seen her potential and made a move to reach out to her.

The reputable clothing brand got her to share two outfits via transition videos, promoting Tommy Hilfiger in a quick, fashionable, and intriguing way as it’s able to showcase various outfits in a short period of time; catering to the Gen Z’s relatively short attention span! The TikTok video gained over 354k video views and an engagement rate on views of 22%.

Make regular postings

You need to create enough content for people to make them aware of your videos - if you do not post on a regular basis and keep a low profile, your videos will not appear in people’s feeds.

That said, it’s also key to have an array of video types and durations to ensure a variety for your audience. For starters, take note that initially, TikTok videos could only be recorded for up to 15 seconds long, however, now the recording limit has expanded to 60 seconds when you put the 4 x 15-second parts together.

Engage or collaborate with other TikTok users

One needs to interact with other users, considering this is a social media network. Make sure to be consistent and active when it comes to liking and commenting on other people’s videos.

TikTok has an algorithm where the more you interact with other content creators; the more your videos will end up on their For You page. One can also work with other TikTok creators in order to have a wider reach and get new ideas and inspirations.

Include trending hashtags in your posts

They are always region-specific and change regularly, and you also have to be aware that the hashtag has to be relevant to your audience.

It helps boost the visibility of a brand’s or any TikTok user’s video once they are searching for a particular hashtag. To start with, your brand could try to imitate the trending videos on TikTok that they see from the discovery page. Meanwhile, you could also boost user engagement by taking on hashtag challenges made by TikTok.

tiktok trending

Or on the other hand, attempt to make a trending hashtag on your own.

To determine the most effective hashtag, it’s up to you to do some research on past trending hashtags, find out what they were about, and how they were able to perform. Once you’ve done so, do your very best to achieve the same amount of success for your own social media campaign.

Choose your content wisely

When making a video, one can also create challenges such as dancing and lip-syncing, and people will want to engage since the videos are fun, engaging, and very interactive.

This will also make them want to join in the challenge; hence you can end up going viral. At the same time, ensure you also use other social platforms to create awareness about your challenge, which allows you to reach a wider audience.

Meanwhile, you could also come up with duet videos using the duet chain feature tool. It allows users to create videos and place them side by side. Make sure to use influencers to perform a duet chain since it will encourage their followers to engage with your content and have access to it.

But remember, the types of video content out there when it comes to TikTok are never-ending - you’ll even discover comedy skits, heart-wrenching and meaningful clips, the incorporation of trending memes!

Hopefully, our few tips have offered enough guidance to help you in creating the next smashing TikTok hit - locally or even internationally. However, if you’re looking to add a little more zest to your video content, Big 3 Media is a video production agency that’s ready to step in and assist you gladly! Be it social media video production, corporate videos or even recruitment videos, we’ve got you covered.

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