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Video Marketing Is Still Everything

In Phase 2, video marketing is still everything. Here’s how to master it!

It’s Phase 2! While there are still fears about COVID-19, people are now shopping and eating outside again. Now that people are no longer stuck at home as much and probably spend lesser time scrolling on their phones, they have less spare time to watch videos. What can you do to make sure your videos capture your audience’s attention and connect with them? Here are some tips you can adopt to help your marketing videos stand out from the rest.

Address your customers’ specific concerns

First of all, be sincere. It’s very important that you include messages from the heart in your video instead of including generic lines like “we are doing everything we can to get through this pandemic with you”. Such standard quotes can make your brand seem insincere. Instead, identify your customers’ concerns.

One way would be to include new solutions in your marketing videos, such as improved after-sale customer service, which is more appreciated than ever in a world that’s now big on online shopping. For example, it’s difficult to get into malls because of the long queues nowadays, so encouraging your customers to shop from home will show them that you’re a responsible brand. When your marketing videos serve the customer’s needs and not only your own business, you win loyal customers.

Avoid the hard sell

Growing a business may be harder nowadays, but don’t feed on your customers’ fears during a pandemic. The important question nowadays is not “How can I make more profits?” Instead, ask yourself how you can support your customers. COVID-19 is a global crisis, and it’s a good time to strengthen your relationship with your customers with genuine messages and tips on how to get through the pandemic. Yes, even while you’re marketing your brand. Express empathy into the communication made in videos and allow your customers to feel like you’re on the same page as them. When you establish your brand as a relatable one, your video will emit warmth. This builds more trust between your brand and your customers, and it’s great for PR as well.

Focus on mobile platforms

Did you know that the usage of mobile phones has increased by 70% during the COVID-19 outbreak, according to Statista? Video marketing is the future, now that so much of shopping is done online. Even though it’s now Phase 2, the consensus is still to stay home to avoid catching the virus, so people are still spending a lot of time indoors. Therefore, don't slow down your video marketing plans just yet, especially on smartphones! Your videos should be mobile friendly in 9:16 aspect ratio, and also concise to avoid losing attention.

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