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Using Instagram Stories for Your Business

Here are some of the features that you need to know about Instagram Stories!

Instagram stories are the perfect way to provide customers with bite-sized information about your products and services, and at the same time get a sense of what your target audience thinks of you.

Here are some of the features that you need to know about Instastories:

1. Highlights

The highlight function allows you to store a series of related stories together and it is a great way to keep the important things at the top of your page! Here are some of the things that you should keep in your highlights:

  • About Us (your company/business)
  • Your latest products/services
  • Company Bonding/Activity for employer branding

2. Questions

So you’ve launched a new product and you’re not sure as to whether or not your consumers are enjoying it. Here’s what you can do: ask them on Instagram with the questions function! Not only will this give your consumers the opportunity to tell you what they think, it also encourages people to discuss about your product!

3. Polls

Not sure if your customers would enjoy a new idea that you’ve been thinking of? Ask them for their opinions! Use the polls function to get them to vote!

4. Takeovers

Working with an influencer or a celebrity for a project? Get them to do an instagram stories takeover on your instagram business account! This way the experience can be shared with your followers and fans of the influencer would come flowing into your profile.

5. Countdowns

This function is perfect for a product launch or any other form of new releases. It helps your consumers take note of how close they are to expecting something new from you!

6. Hashtags

Use hashtags to get your story to a global scale! By using hashtags in your stories, your stories can be seen by viewers who are looking at the particular hashtag.

The latest trend in the hashtags is the one for #Pride month, as seen below.

Use your instagram stories to bring your business closer to your customers. Keep them constantly updated on your business to encourage brand recall!

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