Video Marketing

Unique Videos to Make Your Content Stand Out

Here are some unique videos to make your content stand out to your audience.

Polls / Quizzes within videos

Engaging the audience through polls and Q&As is a great way to not only capture their attention but also keep them invested in your video, being more likely to share it, or talk about it. Polls are good for informational videos, market survey videos, and etcetera. For something slightly more advanced, you can even create live polls on your videos on Youtube via add-on software such as Live Social Count.

Split-screen videos

If polls are too passive, try split screen videos. As the name suggests, the screen is split into 2 halves and each half will demonstrate a scenario different than the other. Such videos require more effort for our brains to process due to higher stimulation which keeps the audience entertained for a longer period of time. This style of video representation is especially useful for comparing products and features.

Using a drone to take video

Interactive, dual-narrative videos

Upon hitting a specified button/key, the video switches in style. Viewers are able to toggle between both video versions at any point in time throughout the video. Using this method, Honda introduced their new Civic and Civic Type R, giving audiences an immersive experience by toggling between two distinctive styles using the ‘R’ key on a standard keyboard. See how it works here.

By far the most interactive of all, such video gives viewers the power to decide which version they want to experience. Whenever the audience is given an option or has a deciding factor, they will naturally be more captivated and engaged in the content.


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