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Top Advertisements You Wouldn't Want To Miss

Here is our collection of some of the best adverts! If you're ever in a creative rut, just take a look at them and inspiration is bound to strike.

Adverts. A love-hate relationship.

Most days, we install ad blockers and skip them after the 5th second. Some days, we watch past the 5th and share them online given it’s genius conceptualisation and brilliant execution.

Well, search no further because we have done the work for you. Here are some of the most interesting adverts we’ve ever seen.

(1) Amazon – Alexa Loses Her Voice

What if Alexa loses her voice? Who’s Alexa? Think Siri’s cousin. Alexa is a cloud based voice service released by Amazon. Wondering how it would be like if Alexa is down for a day? Check out who stood in as Alexa’s substitutes!

(2) Coca Cola - Brotherly Love

Siblings can be annoying, but they’re still family. Coca Cola went with a familial theme this time tugging at the heartstrings of its viewers with a simple and relatable narrative between 2 brothers. Adding another familiar twist in its heartwarming and light jingle, ‘Hey Brother’ by late renowned DJ Avicii was also given a different rendition accompanied by vocals from Space Camp’s Hawaiian singer, Josh Jones.

(3) Tide - It’s a Tide Ad (Super Bowl II 2018 Commercial)

You don’t have to be a Super Bowl fan to know that Super Bowl’s commercial airtime is the most coveted by brands and marketers given the large viewership it garners annually.

This year, Tide has got the eyeballs with their bold and refreshing commercial spot. Featuring David Harbour (Police Chief Hopper in Strangers Thing), this ad played on stereotypical tropes seen in different genres of past Super Bowl commercials to later reveal that ‘every ad is a Tide ad’ because of clean clothes, cleverly driving their brand’s selling point and message home - 'If it’s clean, it’s got to be Tide'.

(4) McDonald’s Singapore - McDonald’s Ramadan

This Ramadan, McDonald's has done it so right that even BuzzFeed is loving it (cue McDonald’s ad jingle and slogan).

As we all enjoy our deliveries prompt and hot, we should also give thanks to those who work behind the scenes to bring us these heart and belly-filling moments. Following the life of a deliveryman during Ramadan, we witness his everyday encounters round island to bring us our happy meals and sharing boxes. A heartwarming dedication to those who works tirelessly around the clock sometimes at the expense of their own cherished moments with their loved ones.

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