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Tips to enhance digital video marketing during Covid-19

Here are some helpful tips if you’re looking to get started with digital videos as a marketing tool!

As we all stay home and do our best to flatten the curve, more people are using social media and the internet in general. Covid-19 is changing how we consume and use social media with more people going online to interact with their friends and family. Social media has always been popular and even more platforms are seeing a surge in popularity and users during the pandemic.

In fact, Kantar found a 61 percent increase in social media engagement over normal usage rates between Mar 14 to Mar 24.This increase can be attributed to the fact that most countries are in partial or full lockdown and that more people are being encouraged to stay home. This is a good time for your business or brand to start using digital video platforms if you’re looking to drive traffic to your page or sales. Videos are powerful devices and this is nothing new as we see more video platforms continue rising over the years. Here are some helpful tips if you’re looking to use digital videos to get you started!

Using the Right Platforms

Start examining your social media platforms to see what options your business can use and compare that to the objective of the content you wish to put out. For example, gyms and fitness classes have resorted to hosting online classes or holding live streaming sessions. In Singapore, local arts performers have also decided to stream their plays or upload edited musical content, like in the case of theatre companies and also orchestras. They make full use of platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to reach out and entertain the public while also spreading word of their brand or business.

After examining your platforms, you also need to choose the right platforms that resonate with your intended target audience. If you have an older audience, using Facebook may be the best avenue and for younger audiences, TikTok or Instagram would be a better fit. Make sure you also factor in your business objective when using these platforms and how you wish to communicate that objective. Most social media platforms have options where you can upload short or long form video content, so use it to your advantage.

Some platforms to consider using digital videos with (in no particular order) are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. TikTok
  4. Twitter

Consider kickstarting your digital video content on any of these platforms for your business especially if your business is already using that particular platform.

Creating Video Content

Here comes the question of, how can you create good video content that your audience can engage with? Here are some things you should consider:

1. Keeping it Simple

It’s important to keep in mind the duration of your video content as most people have short attention spans. Generally, it’s advisable to keep your videos to two minutes or less as videos shorter in duration that offer bite-sized information can help with getting attention and stimulate the interest of your audience. Of course this is on a case by case basis, for different brands, longform video content can work better like in the case of infographics, interviews and documentaries.

2. Mobile Optimised

As with most mobile apps, it’s always a good idea to have your videos in portrait mode for a smooth video viewing experience for your user. According to WordStream, over half of video content is viewed on mobile and the vast majority of mobile users use their phone in portrait orientation. Hence, make sure your videos are either sized in a 1:1 square ratio or are in a 16:9 ratio to ensure mobile compatibility.

3. Having a Strong Call-To-Action

As with most ads and marketing, having an objective is essential when creating digital video content. Include the website URL that you’re trying to drive traffic towards to help make it easier for the consumers to click. Another good idea is to create a memorable end frame that has your CTA which will be what your client will last remember from your video.


Creating good digital video content may sometimes be hard to do and it also requires a lot of effort to execute. It may seem daunting at first but with the right approach and strategy, your videos can help a lot in ensuring your marketing is a success.

We hope these tips are able to help you or your business! In these tough times, remember that we are together in solidarity and we hope everyone stays home and stays safe.

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