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The Right Way For Brands To Readjust Their Marketing Tactic

Your marketing strategy will never stay the same.

Archaic marketing that worked years ago may not possibly work with the current generation, from Gen Z to even millennials.

Online presence is now key; traditional media like television, newspapers, and posters; not as much. However, it is not to say you should completely do without them. Rather, you should incorporate them into your marketing strategy with your online branding being the main focus, and start venturing into social media video production.

All in all, in this current era, to stay above the competition – you must be open-minded when it comes to marketing. This is all the more when each one of us is doing our best to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, comes the time for brands to readjust their marketing tactics once again.

Solve important issues

People are looking for problem solvers in a business, or one that cares about the rest of the world.

At present, there are many pertinent issues which need to be solved, and marketing your brand well can show these people that you can indeed solve their problems!

Communicate to your clients how well your brand helps to solve challenges they face in their daily lives. Based on a study by Unilever, one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, they discovered that one-third of consumers make their purchases according to a company’s social and environmental performance. Over three-fourths of Americans mentioned that they prefer getting products which are sustainably produced.

So, we have Beyond Meat selling plant-based “meat” products, Lush Cosmetics with their all-natural bath and body product line, and even Apple who ensures that 99% of the paper used in packaging are sustainable or recyclable.

However, you don’t have to go all big and have all your products revolve around one message, just a single product launch or even a detailed explanation of your brand message will do! With the rise of explainer videos, you can fulfil numerous key objectives like giving consumers a comprehensive understanding, show why they should get in touch with your brand, alongside many other reasons.

Go digital

The world is all digital right now, and failing to adhere to this new trend will leave your business obsolete.

Right now, people are spending most of their time online, on social media, more than ever before. Knowing how to leverage this massive audience is imperative when carrying out marketing.

Brands, therefore, should get the right strategies to take their digital marketing to the next level. This will help communicate and interact well with the audience. Even if you don’t have the resources to create an in-house team for digital marketing, you can always consider outsourcing instead!

One example would be the event property, NH7 Weekender, which aired concerts and showcased artists performance right in their very homes via Instagram Live. Similarly, you can also work on your digital presence and still promote your products and services through online streaming with a video production agency.

Support a cause

Understanding your audience’s expectations from your brand can help you know how to market, and the exact direction to follow.

People tend to rally behind brands that support different causes. This is because many want to see what difference a brand is making in the world!

During this period that COVID-19 is taking a huge toll on humanity, businesses and companies are expected to showcase their social responsibility and support their clients and customers. For instance, many restaurants are ensuring customers no-contact doorstep delivery or if we see in Walmart, the big-box store who has cleverly allocated special hours for citizens; so they get to get hold of essentials without any risk involved.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen British clothing brands like Jigsaw, focusing on promoting the message of diversity in response to Xenophobia, also known as anti-foreign sentiment in the UK (United Kingdom). Though it wasn’t a part of its core mission at all – many consumers resonated with the message still.

So, ready for a new change and a switch up to your marketing strategy? Use these few steps and get hold of new prospects! On the meantime, you can even engage a 3D animation studios such as Big 3 ourselves for an extra touch to your video marketing.

Here at Big 3 Media, we're a video production company Singapore that offers a suite of services to market your business during these challenging times:

If you are looking for content marketing options for your business, drop us an email or message and find out how Big 3 Media can help you!

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