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With many businesses affected by Covid-19 jumping on board with digital marketing, you may have noticed a wider variety of...

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1. Create as many videos as you want, at one affordable price

2. Flexibility on demand: upgrade, expand, modify

1. Create as many videos as you want, at one affordable price

No hidden costs or unpleasant surprises. Create as many videos as you want based on your subscription plan. The cost is way more affordable than hiring a communication professional in-house!

2. Flexibility on demand: upgrade, expand, modify

No matter how much we plan for the future, situations change and sometimes flexibility is key to making things work. En3 offers just that - the flexibility to upgrade, expand or modify your video production usage through our unique credit system.

Whether you’re looking to scale up the quality and variety of your videos or just require more creative minds to help produce awesome ideas and scripts for your next big video, En3 offers all this and more, hassle-free.

3. Your very own video production house

En3 ensures you are constantly working with a designated Producer and video team throughout the period of the subscription. Synergize your ideas with familiar faces that guide you through the video production process every step of the way.

4. Access to video studios for free!

That’s right, free of charge! Aside from shooting videos at your desired location, the En3 Video Production Subscription grants you full access to Big 3 Media's professional video studios for all your planned shoot days, at no additional charges!

5. Quality assured video productions

Fun fact, En3 is powered by Big 3 Media. With more than a decade of experience in video production, a diverse array of premium quality video portfolios and trusted by many major brands, you can rest assured knowing that your videos are under the care of experienced professionals.

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