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Instagram’s November Update: Reels, Shop Tabs & More

Instagram always finds a way to get its users excited over the next update.

In November, past updates have seen the introduction of widely popular features such as the Instagram Stories, Reels and Explorer tabs.

The innovative minds behind Instagram always find a way to keep users intrigued and pleased with what the application has to offer. Especially if you’re a business owner, you should know that coming up with content for Twitter, Facebook video marketing, and other forms of social media content isn’t complete without Instagram.

So, if you haven’t set up an Instagram business account, it’s about time you do! Once you’ve done so or if you already have one, you can get started on reading this list of the latest Instagram updates that you should keep an eye on.

A complete home screen revamp

instagram reels and shop tabs

After testing various redesign features with select users, Instagram’s Home screen has been redesigned and overhauled with the introduction of a new Shop Tab and a Reels tab.

For all Instagram users, these tabs replace what used to be the activity and camera shortcuts. In a new format, these options can be accessed next to the Instagram Direct icon at the top of the screen.

Imitating a TikTok-like experience, a video immediately pops up from any public account; intended to give content creators extra exposure and encourage the short video format.

Instagram ads now include product tags

Once more, Instagram makes an effort to help businesses grow and earn profits.

Back then, it was already a known fact that brands could include product tags in Instagram posts; but now - the update applies to Instagram ads too. The same features are seen as usual - product information, the option of adding to a wishlist, or the choice to make a purchase. Using Ads Manager or marketing existing shoppable Instagram posts, you can easily come up with ads with product tags.

Alongside the all-new audience tools, comprising Shopping Engagement Custom Audiences - we saw the launch of shoppable ads. This custom audience allows brands to target users who have shown an interest in their content and posts in the past. Whereas Shopping Lookalike Audiences is targeted towards users with similar Instagram profiles to a business’ existing pool of customers.

Additionally, through Instagram’s Season of Support Initiative, small businesses will be able to receive training, insights, and support for these features.

Enforce proper labelling of sponsored posts

songofstyle instagram

Content creators will now receive prompts asking them if their content is tied to brand incentives before posting.

Instagram will also be proactively monitoring sponsored content in order to ensure that all posts are clearly labelled accordingly. For example, Instagram has added a tool where a tagged post’s header will include “Paid partnership with [business partner]” in the post’s header - clearly indicating when there’s a commercial relationship between a business and creator.

Moreover, these are better ensured as with a new algorithm in place, posts and ad content that are not clearly marked will be reported to the relevant brand being endorsed, and changes will have to be made.

IG Live extends length, badges & more

Users can now do a live broadcast for up to 4 hours and these “Lives”, or Live videos, can be saved for up to 30 days before deletion. Soon, we’ll even be seeing a “Live Now” section in the Explore tab, and this will give users access to more Lives.

Meanwhile, the badges feature has been added to let users show support to creators and businesses during a live. These will serve as the first possible direct revenue that content creators can receive, and they have been made available in 11 countries.

To indicate that a badge has been purchased, you’ll see a heart icon pop up right beside your name in the comment section.

Being aware of Instagram’s or any other social media platforms’ updates is crucial when it comes to posting content which appeals to the masses, or in specific cases, your target audience. At the same time, you need a reliable partner by your side, such as a video production agency like ourselves, Big 3 Media, for fascinating, relatable content.

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