Are you using these 5 banner designs?
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Are you using these 5 banner designs?

A large neon sign in Japan during the night

As consumers spend increasingly more time on smart devices, this is one of the most common advertising method – not brochures, not bus-stop signs – but web banners. Relatively low cost and easy to execute, no wonder these are becoming marketers’ favourite.

However, an influx of anything may not necessarily be seen in a good light.    

Take banner blindness, for an instance. A phenomenon where consumers are constantly being swamped and thus subconsciously ignoring it. How do we then break through the clutter, and have yours stand out from the rest?

Here are five eye-catching banner ad designs to take inspiration from.

1. Dyson Bladeless Fan

Dyson web banner for their bladeless fan

Simple and succinct, Dyson bladeless fan banner ad effectively highlights its core features using humour. Granted you only have less than a second to convey your product’s feature to consumers, this is as quick as it can get.


Ikea web banner for wireless chargers

IKEA web banner for wireless charger

IKEA does it again!

A household name, IKEA is no stranger to creative ads like this “Bookbook” campaign which spoofs Apple’s then new launch of the Macbook Pro. And this time round, again. Poking fun at Apple’s launch of iPhone X  & wireless charging, this IKEA ad for their wireless charging lamp informs viewers that “hey guys, we had that for awhile now”. It definitely catches your attention for all the right reasons.

3. Fitbit

Fitbit's web banner utilising a photo of a couples hands

To combat web-banner blindness, use well-shot and edited lifestyle images and best avoid stock images, as they are aplenty - abused even - in banner ads.  A good example would be Fitbit’s banner.

Great image? Check. On sale? Also check.
A great image that communicates their Valentine’s day sale message effectively, complete with the allure of discounts.

4. Spotify / H&M

H&M web banner for a flash sale

Spotify web banner for their free trial

Sometimes, you just gotta let words do the trick. You’ll be amazed at what words like ‘free trial’, ‘flash sale’ and a huge ‘up to 60%’ can do for you. Such banners work exceptionally well when you need to drive traffic to your site quick for time-sensitive campaigns e.g. H&M flash sale. 

5. Dior

Dior animated web banner featuring their new lipstick and Jennifer Lawrence

A combination of celebrity power and beautiful vibrant product images sure commands attention. Notice how minimal animations were used? Consumers generally don’t give much time to these banners and excessive animation dilutes the effect. When it comes to this, less is definitely more.

Banner ads can aid in your campaign when it is executed properly. Remember the saying we often hear in school - KISS? Keep-It-Simple-(Stupid).

Have any questions? Write in to us!


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