How To Increase Facebook and Youtube Video Views
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How To Increase Facebook and Youtube Video Views

Youtube view count

playing pokemon go outdoors

Example: Pokemon Go

The more relevant your content is to current events / trends, the greater the likelihood the video gets shared by viewers. People have a tendency to want to share the latest news, and anything that has a ‘hype’. As the video receives greater exposure, naturally its viewership count will increase.

2. Incorporate a contest / giveaway to increase likes / comments / shares

Giving a gift or present

These are great for getting sign-ups, shares, subscribers, and followers, which definitely results in increased shares and views. Contests and giveaways give viewers an incentive to watch your video, which contributes to the total view count.

3. Include a call-to-action in your video

Lazada online shopping sale

Example: Lazada SG (watch video )

A call-to-action is an often understated component of videos. A call-to-action should be simple, clear and concise. With a call-to-action, viewers are more engaged and therefore more likely to share about the video verbally and digitally, allowing your video to gain more traction.

4. Deploy your videos on the right platforms

Social Media on phone, particularly Facebook

Youtube and Facebook users are slightly different in demographics. If your video is about a household product, it would be better deployed on Facebook as Facebook users have an older age range and video content shared on Facebook are targeted at such age range (mid 20s to mid 50s). Videos that do well on Facebook are also shorter in duration. Conversely, if your video is an in-depth product review, Youtube would be a suitable platform as the Youtube audience are more keen on such topics, with a longer duration.


With just these 4 simple steps, all that's left to do is create awesome video content to set this fool-proof strategy in motion. If you need any assistance or further information, contact us via the form below!

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