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A Step By Step Guide To Crafting An Appealing Instagram Bio

Typically, in the very first place; bios shouldn’t be too long and over-detailed; but rather - short and sweet.

As such, you’ll need those creative juices to start flowing for you to craft a concise yet catchy bio. What’s more; it’s the first point of contact users come across; it’s all the more necessary to be appealing for potential prospects to be drawn to your brand.

In other words, your bio is essentially the first impression that your brand will make when anybody visits your profile. When it all comes down to it, a bio has a huge role to play in establishing your brand presence. You get the opportunity to tell users why they should look at your brand, what you do, and the products or services you’re promoting.

So, seeing the significance of crafting an engaging Instagram bio - here are the key steps to follow in order to execute this excellently.

Key components of an Instagram bio

Before going directly into the various steps for creating an engaging Instagram bio, you must first understand the different elements which constitute a bio, and the right way to use them for the best results.

  • Name & username: Referring to data sources like keyword and audience research, you’ll come across name variations or abbreviations usually used for your brand name. Then, add them into your bio to make your profile pop.
  • Website: The only clickable link on the bio, it’s the perfect way to keep users updated on new content, products, campaigns by adding a URL.
  • Bio: The section found right below your name, it’s your opportunity to show your brand’s personality with 150 characters.
  • Profile photo: Whether you’re going to add a product photo or brand logo - it’s ultimately all about showcasing your brand’s visual identity.
  • Call-to-action buttons: There are numerous call-to-action buttons that Instagram Business accounts can make use of, easily converting users’ clicks to actions.
  • Category: Depending on the type of industry your business is, you can select the specific category your business falls under so users have a better idea of your brand’s products or services.
  • Contact info: Contact alternatives like email and call buttons allow potential customers to reach out to your business easily.

Ways to put together a captivating bio for your business

Select & include the right keywords

Despite hashtags being the main method of search on Instagram, sparing some time to do a little research on the appropriate keywords will help your brand appear in relevant searches.

This increases the chances of fans or prospective customers finding your profile as it may show up within the search term.

zesstorganics instagram

As seen above, terms like “luxury cotton goods” and “GOTS certified” lets the brand show what their brand markets, and what makes them unique and stand out. At the same time, as these are also keywords, it lets users search for their profile easier.

Legible & straightforward

With your bio, your brand should be able to show what it does and the products or services offered.

In other words, it’s up to you to ensure that everything’s easy to read for users to digest the information without any difficulty. From spacing to line breaks, all these are simple elements that’ll help make your 150 character-long bio legible, easy-to-understand and take in!

Afterwards, you can then fine-tune your brand’s tone of voice - whether you’re trying to be humorous, formal, or personal; this is the perfect way to demonstrate it in the most concise manner possible!

Determine your value proposition

Also known as your unique selling proposition, it serves as the stand-out factor, which will attract users, fans, and prospective customers to your brand. It’s exactly the same as something you would do when doing video content marketing; you’ll need to have a key differentiator that separates you from the other competitors.

Ultimately, this should be the main element you focus on as it’ll inform users why they should be concerned about your brand.

Does your product have any unique, never-seen-before features? Or do you offer both quality and affordability in your products or services? Do you take pride in maintaining sustainability and infuse eco-friendliness throughout whatever your brand does?

Consider asking yourself these questions while trying to work out your unique selling proposition. It’ll avoid making the search seem like looking for a needle in a haystack; but rather - simple and effortless!

Include emojis

A limited character count will only make it difficult for your business to fully demonstrate your brand’s personality - hence, why emojis may come into the picture perfectly.

For example, if you’re in the F&B industry - rather than state the actual word itself; be it a “burger” or “french fries”, you can cut down on the character count by making use of the food emojis instead! Besides, you’re also making your bio much visually attractive and appealing to the users and grabbing their attention.


The example above makes use of emojis to give the bio an elevated appearance, alongside the key points they want to feature - from the many locations to their primary mode of contact.

Use call-to-actions wisely

The call to action should be specific to the content you share, and this ascertains your reliability with your users and gives some form of context to them before they click on the link.

It’s all about identifying the goal of your Instagram business account - do you want them to browse through and shop your feed? Or would you like them to visit your website directly? Or is your goal to get a user to download your new guide or look at your newest blog pots?

Or if you would like to boost your Instagram following, include a CTA like “stay updated” or “follow us” to provide users with regular content like new product updates or line, the latest recipes, and so forth.

Instagram bio aside, having an appealing feed with helpful, informational posts are equally important in drawing users and prospective customers to your brand. With a video production agency such as Big 3 Media ourselves, we’ll help to craft enticing content to help you grow your brand.

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