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8 Picturesque Shooting Locations In Singapore

Singapore may be a little red dot but it's home to a few hidden gems. Here’s our guide to 8 picturesque locations in Singapore!

“Can we fix that in post?”  How awfully familiar.

You win half the war if pre-production is done well. Fixing in post-production should not be a solution to save the mistakes arising from the lack of pre-production planning. We reckoned those in the industry is nodding with us right now. #weareallinthistogether

high school musical dancing GIF

Locked script? Checked. Talents? Checked. Almost halfway there! Now, for outdoor locations. Scratching your head often for this? Perhaps we can offer some suggestions of our own right here in sunny Singapore! We may be just a small red dot, but you will be surprised if you scout deeper.

Our melting pot of cultures here means we have the modern skyscrapers down to the exotic and cultural architectures to offer. Here’s our guide to the 8 picturesque locations in Singapore:

1. Henderson Waves

We believe this location pops into your mind when you first saw the title of this article. This spot isn’t just a local favourite, but Hollywood’s too! Starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, Equals had some scenes the iconic Henderson Waves. Spot it!

Scene from Equals that was shot at Henderson Waves

2. Koon Seng Road

Despite being a modern first-world city, Singapore does have nuggets of cultural gems speckled all around our sunny island. Amongst towering skyscrapers and modern infrastructures, say hello to old school shophouses filled with historical significance. Tucked at Koon Seng Road, you can find rows of Peranakan shophouses painted in every hue of the rainbow making it a culturally rich and vibrant backdrop for your next casual street-strutting fashion snaps and/or video shoots.

Photo of lady walking across Koon Seng Road

3. Blair Road

Photo of shophouse gate at Blair Road

If you fancy a more muted colour palette for your shoots, head down to Blair’s Road for its vintage flava. Think quaint floral detailing, each house unique to its own for a old school throwback.

4. Coney Island

Photo of trees on Coney Island

Wedding photo taken at Coney Island

Located in Punggol, tall trees with draping vines shroud the forest in Coney Island. A zen nature spot away from the hustle and bustle in town making it ideal for dreamy outdoor shoots only a stone’s throw away.


Photo of tiled corridor at CHIJMES

Well known for their popular assembly of F&B establishments, CHIJMES’ architecture is quite a marvel itself too. European-styled spiral staircases along with beautifully tiled floors and long corridors all framed and ready for composition and symmetrical shots.

6. Republic Poly

Photo of grass patches at Republic Polytechnic

This might be an open secret as The Lawn area on level 3 has been the backdrop of multiple local dramas. Overlooking the sleek buildings with lush spreads of greeneries, it makes for a decent spot with minimal background distractions.

Pro tip: pick a period during school vacations (unless of course, students crowds are what you want)!

7. Tiong Bahru

Photo of building at Tiong Bahru

Lo and behold, the infamous hipster area is included! Before brushing this area off, trust that this place will show a different façade of modern Singapore. Look past the cafes, you will find a page of old Singapore revealing through its street art and architectures.  You might find that time just ticks a little bit slower here.

8. Botanic Gardens

Photo of stage at Botanic Gardens

A photo of Botanical Garden

For shoots that require you to be one with nature, this is your best bet. Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hectares of greenery coupled with flora and fauna makes Botanic Gardens a good place for those who wish to master shade or forest photography.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. We say, a picturesque location, a thousand more.

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