7 Types of Videos for Branding
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7 Types of Videos for Branding

Behind the scenes of Glitch!

Previously, marketers and advertisers alike were grappling with the idea of creating aesthetically pleasing print ads and now – videos.

According to Google’s APAC Consumer Barometer, smartphones usage spreads across all ages with 61% accounting for online viewing of videos. Given one of the highest Internet penetration rate and fastest broadband speeds, Singaporeans are certainly becoming a pretty web savvy bunch.

So, what does this translates to marketers? Videos in your marketing mix, of course! Haven’t you heard, ‘you snooze, you lose’. 

Here’re 7 types of branding videos you can go for:

1. Collaboration Videos

Dyson Supersonic x Eunice Annabel

Eunice Annabel shows us how she achieves her signature messy top bun look with the Dyson Supersonic. We love it! Did you know that the hairdryer design hasn’t changed since the 1960s? The big bulky motors are in the head because it's the only place they will fit. The Dyson digital motor V9 propels 13 litres of air per second, but it’s no wider than 27 mm. Just small enough to turn conventional designs on its head. Th Find out why the Dyson Supersonic is so different here: http://www.dyson.com.sg/haircare/supersonic.aspx "Here's how you can easily achieve the messy top bun look using the revolutionary #DysonSupersonic hairdryer! All you have to do is use the Diffuser tool to create more volume in your hair and roots, then simply tie it up into a bun! The additional attachments also allow you to shape and style your hair to do straight, wavy etc!! A hair dryer that has intelligent heat control and powerful airflow all packed in a super lightweight body? That's a game-changer! Well done @Dysonhair ❤ #DysonSG " - Eunice Annabel

Posted by Dyson on Thursday, October 27, 2016

Partnering with influencers these days has become an increasingly popular option. Take Dyson, for example, who has collaborated with multiple influencers to showcase their Supersonic hair dryers. Such a method effectively leverages on the influencer’s online following, boosting exposure and reach to the target audiences. However, pro tip: always, always do your due diligence and adequate research in ensuring the selected influencer(s) and media channel(s) employed are a good fit and representative(s) for your brand.

2. Product Reviews

A collaboration video and a product review video are pretty similar, but product reviews are usually more in-depth, involving the said media’s opinion and experience with the product.  Think along the lines of local notable media like The Smart Local or Mothership.sg. A recent example would be Kanebo Suisai who worked with The Smart Local to create a review/giveaway video for their product.

3. Feature Videos for Instagram

And of course, how can Instagram not make it into the list? With 500 million active users, it’s no wonder a powerful platform that attracts eyeballs from both marketers and consumers alike. 

There are two types of videos, you can share on Instagram:

a) Instagram Feed Videos

Just like a typical Instagram video, these videos appear on the users’ feed as ‘Sponsored Post’ in a square format. Here’s an example, by United International Pictures Singapore, featuring their movie trailer edited especially short for Instagram.

Screenshot of a South Australia post

b) Instagram Stories Videos

Interweaved between friends’ Instagram stories, they’re full-screen verticals ads that are more immersive and entail a literal call-to-action, getting the user to ‘swipe up’, redirecting them to the respective sites.

Screenshot of lovebonito's instastories

4. Virtual Reality (VR) video

While VR videos involve more marketing dollars, they are also gaining traction. If your budget allows, strike while the iron is hot. Examples include the classic Coca Cola Christmas ad inVR& Adidas x Terrex athletes commercial, where viewers are brought into the athletes’ world via a first-person perspective.

5. Emotional Marketing Videos

These videos tugged on our heartstrings making them memorably impactful with great brand association. Captured using the iPhone X by a famed director – Peter Chan (陈可辛), Apple has recently released ‘Three Minutes’. Set in China, this short tells the story of a working mother who works as a train conductor having a 3-minute Lunar New Year reunion with her son at the railway station. To date, this video has garnered over 2.2 million views!



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