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5 Solid Pieces Of Advice On Making Recruitment Clips

When you find yourself on the hunt for a new talent, you'll want to film a recruitment video! Read to find out how you can film one!

Recruiting new talent will always be something your business cannot do without. Your employee may decide to leave for a change of pace, you may be short of staff, or your business is growing, and you’re taking in new projects.

Whatever the case is; you’re going to need new talent.

However, as simple as it sounds - executing is a lot more challenging than it actually seems. You may find tons of applicants signing up, but how do you know which one is the right fit for your organisation?

Through a recruitment video, you are releasing a clip packed with all the requirements of an approved candidate, what you’re able to offer to potential employees, and attract many different people towards your brand!

Narrowing down the list of applicants is still a matter you’ll have to deal with, but at the very least you would have made the interviewing process a lot easier due to the summarised video you’ve pushed out. So, let’s get started on the different steps you have to take note of as you’re creating that video of yours!

Share important information

Lengthy, way-too-informative, all over the place videos are a big no-no.

Don’t beat around the bush for too long in your videos - be precise and direct to the point in your quest to provide information on the job position.

You can do this by sharing a video of the company’s goals and visions. Besides, you can share a video of current employees working in the office or premises to give viewers a chance to experience how it is working for your organisation.

What makes your company so special that it stands out from the rest of the competitors in the industry? How can they get a chance to work there? What exactly are you looking for in a future employee?

Be extremely clear cut in your video, you’ll achieve your objective, and potential candidates will know what is required of them during the interview.

Answer any FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

At the end of the interview, questions will start to pop up from interviewees - so, they know exactly what they’re getting into once they’ve joined your company.

Cover all the typical FAQs commonly asked by customers: what are your expectations from someone in this position? What are the daily responsibilities of this job position? Where do you think the company is headed in five years?

Try your best to answer as many questions as possible, while ensuring that the video doesn’t seem like it’s just rambling answers for the sake of clarification and shortening the interview.

So, go ahead, get down to business, and gather just enough information to answer any fundamental question.

Maintain a standard length

Its length and directness can never be emphasised enough.

According to SkillScout’s analysation of 450 company and job videos across Vimeo and YouTube, they’ve discovered that the average amount of time which candidates spent viewing recruitment videos is 1 minute and 36 seconds.

The suggested duration for a recruitment video should not go over 3 minutes. People have limited attention spans, so, you should have the video be succinct and straight to the point.

The shorter the video, the better it is for both sides; the lesser time needed to create a video and watch a clip!

Keep it fun

Who said that you had to keep your recruitment video all serious and informative?

There’s completely nothing wrong with taking a different route when you want to create a recruitment video. Instead of having all the relevant information in the world, you can create a silly video filled with humour.

However, you’d be surprised to know that their purpose of creating such a video is a lot deeper than it seems.

When CEO of Ottawa-based e-commerce platform mentioned that he wanted to recruit someone who was resourceful by drawing an owl, he wasn’t referring to pure artistry talent. Instead, he was looking for the drive and creativity in an individual with the ability to tell their story in a unique manner via Snapchat.

Which is why if you see towards the end of the video, every one of the new employees had successfully created an owl through means other than a pencil and paper.

So, be innovative with your video and capture the attention of your audience through pure comedy and straightforwardness!

Touch up on the editing

Smooth transitions and the use of visual effects or other animation tools will make the video a lot more fun to watch, and keep the attention of your viewer throughout the video.

Even little things like your choice of music will play a major role in setting the mood, so go through different options before you make your final decision!

However, it is easier said than done; especially if you don’t have significant experience in the video production field.

Nevertheless, it is not the impossible. Just look for a company which offers video animation services, then all you have to do next is pass on your ideas to them and alakazam - you have your video up and ready.

And, there you have it - your few little tips to making a masterpiece of a recruitment video. Just pick a couple of employees to represent your brand, and you’re all set.

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