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5 Excellent Ways to Up Your Instagram TV Strategy Game

Here are five ways to up your Instagram TV strategy game!

At times, a short 2 minutes clip on Instagram won’t suffice in letting you tell your brand’s journey, upcoming campaign or promotion, new product, or news.

That’s when Instagram TV, better known as IGTV, swoops in to let brands post long-form videos instead. Using one’s mobile device, you can upload up to 15 minutes worth of content, or if you have more to show – do it via web and you can upload up to 60 minutes of video content.

But remember, before posting your content – you need to look at your audience and reason for your video. Are you looking to educate your fans and followers about some new product features? Or do you want to deepen your audience’s understanding of your brand’s history?

Consider all these aspects carefully, come up with a perfectly planned strategy, get in touch with one of the best video production companies across the country and you would have achieved a sense of direction when creating content!

So, without further ado – let’s look at five ways to up your Instagram TV strategy game.

Publish interviews

Invite pundits in your field of business and discuss important matters affecting general business and customers. Record the entire interview and post it on IGTV.

They can share their insights on modes of operation and growth, or you can have them answer pressing issues and questions.

The in-depth knowledge that viewers receive will help in understanding your industry and brand better; at the same time, offering more credibility.

Create a video series

If you have some episodic videos, then IGTV can be a great place to share them.

Choose a specific topic or theme and start sharing different video series on the platform. You’ll find that a majority of clients will follow through every episode and even anticipate any upcoming ones. Not sure what kind of series to go with? Let The Lily be a form of inspiration!

Reborn as the first-ever newspaper column managed by women, The Lily News fleshes on topics which have great importance to their community via IGTV – such as their Nora IKnows What to Say series, where author and podcast host Nora McInerny gives advice to Lily readers through their insightful series.

nora knows

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a series about giving advice – it can be anything else that matches with your brand’s goals – be it Q&As or repurposing old videos.

Stream an event

These days, people neither have the time nor luxury to attend events physically. In fact, the COVID-19 crisis has led to several restrictions aimed at reducing the spread of the virus.

One COVID-19 restriction that has affected events and other gatherings is the social distancing rule. Due to the pandemic, people have had to work from home in quarantine or hibernation.

The events industry is no exception to this rule, as it has been forced to cancel or postpone most events. Nonetheless, since the current events can host huge numbers of people, why not film it and share on IGTV? This is a great way to ensure that everyone participates in the event, even though far apart.

Engaging those who couldn’t make it physically to the event encourages them, and shows that you’re still thinking of them. Whether you’re hosting a convention or seminar, you can utilise the power of IGTV.

Take the audience behind the scenes

What happens when the curtains are closed?
Many customers are interested in knowing what happens behind the cameras. IGTV videos can create a great platform to do this effectively.

For instance, you can show them what it takes to come up with your products. Alternatively, you can show them how your office, and what the normal routine looks like.

The sneak peek helps in increasing transparency and establishing trust with your audience and potential prospects.

On the other hand, it’s also a perfect way to bring in new employees – as those who view your behind the scenes content may be keen on joining your company. In other words, you can also create a recruitment video and post it up as per normal on your page or IGTV to expand your team!

Offer tutorials

It may come off as surprising that some customers have no idea how to use your product.

So, it’s up to you to offer a tutorial video to simplify this for them. With a better understanding of how to use your product, they may feel more inclined to get a product of their own. Especially when they see someone using a product successfully in creating a makeup look or outfit, for instance, one will be more motivated to purchase it.

And a brand which has been executing this concept on their IGTV successfully is Tarte Cosmetics. They’ve brought in several makeup artists to share weekly product tutorials, makeup hacks, “inspired looks”, and a lot more others!

tarte cosmetics instagram

Clips can be as short as a minute and go up to 20 minutes – depending on what’s the aim of the video.

Besides, one of the reasons behind their 10 million followers on Instagram is how they always manage to stay on top of the makeup trends with new products and gorgeous looks.

By making the right move for your IGTV content, you can easily reel in new potential prospects and retain existing customers. But remember, ideas aren’t just limited to these few – always feel free to explore and find out what else you can do to attract more customers. Let Big 3 Media step in and help you elevate your marketing content. Two is better than one and together – we can make the IGTV plan work!

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