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4 Ways To Incorporate Videos Into Ecommerce Marketing

Now, here are four specific ways you can incorporate videos into your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Using videos to market your e-commerce website is perhaps the best thing you can do for your business. There is a growing number of e-commerce sites right now, and more are continuously coming up. Now, here are four specific ways you can incorporate videos into your e-commerce marketing strategy.

With this in mind, it is evident that the competition will rise.

Based on findings by Brightcove, 46% of consumers have bought a product after watching a video. This just shows how important videos are in your marketing strategy. In other words, if you’re planning to start on your brand new video venture - you have to call in one of the 2D or 3D animation studios in Singapore.

Typically, the studio will usually offer a myriad of other services as well - so, feel free to enquire on whatever video type you need. Be it animation or a product review; there are many kinds out there to help with your ecommerce marketing.

Now, here are four specific ways you can incorporate videos into your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Tell a story that brings out emotions

Creating an emotional tale through videos is another impressive way to get prospects to align with your brand.

People are more prone to sharing emotional videos than they do with regular videos. Brands that show empowering videos have a higher chance of getting attention from customers, and this can easily lead to huge conversions.

While our next mentioned clip isn’t necessarily about ecommerce, it sure brings tears to our eyes and warms our hearts.

Long story short, the tearjerking commercial is about how a daughter calls her father a superhero, and how he has done everything possible to give her a fulfilling life. However, in the midst of doing so, she’s also aware of his sacrifices and calls him a “liar”. She points out he keeps his jobhunting, hunger alongside many other incidents a secret.

Poverty is something that is always present in many countries, so as seen in the video, it’s about how the father is unable to change his destiny, but he can still take action to make his child’s life a better one. Here’s where the insurance company comes in to show the importance of securing insurance to help provide children with better education for a brighter future.

So, come up with a touching story - that’s the real star of the show here! Even if you do meet with some trouble, especially in times of COVID-19, get in touch with one of the animation companies. Animation aside, these production companies will usually be able to help with various video types like social media videos, corporate videos, and so on. This even includes demonstrating your product in the best way possible as well.

Product close-ups

Showcasing your products on social media through videos be it food, skin care, tech gadgets, baking ingredients & supplies or anything really, is a great way to get people to buy them. As earlier stated, a majority of buyers will purchase a product after checking out a video about it.

Be tactical in the manner you take those videos, as you need to show the product from multiple angles and use close-ups. A buyer needs to get a full picture and understanding of what he or she is buying, and showing him that will improve the chances of selling a product.

Conversions happen due to customers aligning with your brand, and this is something you need to do often through video marketing.


No matter how innovative and unique a product may be, it’ll be deemed pointless if the customer doesn’t know how to use the product.

Tutorials are one of the video types you can use in marketing, as after all, lending a helping hand to users is a great way for them to understand how your product works.  Showing clients how to use the products is a great way to motivate them into appreciating the value of the product, and ultimately purchasing.

It doesn’t have to be a long video - even three minutes can be effective.

This video by PlayStation teachers users how to use their PlayStation VR - specifically know how to place the camera, how much space you need for the VR setup, and other safety precautionary measures such as making sure a soccer ball or your pet is not within the play area.

Meanwhile, the voiceover may look like everything’s happening in slow motion - but in actual fact, the relaxed pace allows viewers to follow instructions step-by-step easily. It may seem a little dull, but the clip cleverly includes thrilling scenes of VR action to liven the pace.

Demonstrate how people are using and benefiting from your products

Last, but definitely not least, you need to show people that your product is the real deal.

And the best way to do this is to show people using your products, and show the benefits accrued from the use. People will be more convinced about the functionality and performance of your product by seeing the results from the use.

Here’s how Solo Stove managed to showcase their products without drawing too much attention to them or being too hard-selling.

Solo Stove showed off their accessories yet at the same time, showed how the family thoroughly enjoyed the convenience and portability of the product. It helped them to fill up their tummies by acting as a handy campfire pit!

What we’ve mentioned are just some out of the many ways you can use videos to help elevate your ecommerce marketing game. Do a little research on your end, and you’re bound to discover even more ideas in the future.

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