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4 Reasons Why Your Business Need A Website Video

Videos have become the most popular way for consumers to obtain information.

Videos have become the most popular way for consumers to obtain information.

Thanks to advances in technology, your average person now has access to computers and smart devices with unprecedented internet connection speeds. This has increased the quality of video streaming services and resulted in an increased demand for quality video content.

According to a study by Zenith, the average person spends about 100 minutes daily watching videos on their devices. Another study by Biteable found that video ads generated 3 times more leads and 25% more impressions than static image ads, with 61% of surveyed marketers stating that videos are an integral part of their marketing strategy.

1. Branding/Awareness

In a tech-savvy society, people form their impression and perception of your brand via online channels like your website and social media. As such, having a website video is a strong play that distinguishes your brand from the competition and puts your brand out there in the digital space.

Check out the video on Nike’s website:

By featuring a lively and engaging website video, Nike showcases their brand’s personality and serves as a good introduction for audiences who are visiting their website.

2. For Ease Of Communication

Let’s face it,  most website users would rather learn about your brand by watching a video rather than seeing a static image or reading a wall of text.  As mentioned above about how our advancement has changed the way we prefer to receive information, it is no doubt that we would rather watch a short clip that engages us.

This brings us to the point that videos are more effective at communicating information while also retaining the audiences’ interest in what you have to say.

To be specific, it’s been proven that when a viewer is engaged with a video, they will retain 95% of its message, compared to 10% when reading it in text. 60%of marketers surveyed also claim that videos drive more engagement for Facebook ads.

Data of "which format drives more ad clicks on facebook"

Taking a look at this pie chart, we can see that a higher percentage of Facebook users click on video advertisements compared to static images that videos are a more effective and engaging means of communication.

3. To Support A Product Launch

A website video is also a good way to prominently feature a new product; especially if your website already has a high volume of traffic.

Let's take a look at Samsung's website as an example:

With one glance, website visitors are instantly made aware of Samsung’s latest Galaxy Z Fold3 flip phone through the website video, which also provides button links to “Register Interest” and “Buy Now”. The video also segues nicely to feature their other product lines (TV, smart refrigerator and computer monitor).

Through their website video, Samsung showcases their latest sales and keep visitors on their website (more on this in the next section).

4. Keeping Visitors On Your Website

Last but not least, website videos help to reduce bounce rate.

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who enter your website and then leave ("bounce"), rather than continue viewing the other pages on your website.

As established earlier, website videos are an engaging medium and a good means to direct users to other pages on your website. A low bounce rate suggests that users are interested in what your website has to offer whereas a high bounce rate may be an indication of poor page experience (PX) or a lack of engaging content.

Most users stay on websites for less than 15 seconds, but a study by Crakitt found that bounce rate was 34% lower on websites with videos. Brands must capture their audiences’ attention in less time than ever before, so videos are a good way to keep users on their website.

Let's take a look at as an example:

Good Mythical morning website

Right off the bat, the video does a good job of telling the user what to expect on the website; serves as a teaser on the type of content being featured on the website and thus encouraging users to explore the website further

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