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4 Key Marketing Tactics To Adopt During The COVID-19 Crisis

Check out these 4 marketing tactics that will help you get through the pandemic!

Changing your marketing tactics after a long time of planning may not be something that many businesses and persons will welcome.

However, tough times like this require tough decisions, which you need to make for your business to stay afloat.

It doesn’t always have to be difficult though – it’s all about doing the right amount of research to know what your consumers are looking for and how to be one step ahead of your competitors!

For starters, you could go on a search for the right partner by looking through the best video production companies in Singapore. And there you have it – you have cleared the first step and are on your way to creating a successful marketing strategy.

Without further ado, here we present to you the right recipe to help you get through the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out these four marketing tactics!

Keep posting on social media

COVID-19 has led to the closure of many businesses, schools, and companies. However, the fact that people are now restricted to working at home and staying indoors doesn’t mean that you should reduce your marketing on social media.

Staying active on social media is imperative; regardless of whether your business is proceeding with regular operations or has gone along with the WFH (Work-from-Home) initiative.

Remember, customers, are always keen to look at your social media handles in a bid to check any latest news and updates.

Having outdated information on your social media platforms will paint a negative picture in the minds of your clients, who might imagine that you closed down, even when you are still active.

At the same time, you could also apply social media video marketing to your business to create intriguing, unique content; instead of just sticking with the same-old text-based postings!

Don’t just share anything

There are a lot of speculations during such times of a global pandemic. Therefore, it is imperative not to share any malicious information, or in other words; make sure that you fact-check everything you share.

Sharing any misleading information to the masses may have your audience thinking that you are not reliable or thoughtful about what you share. Besides, any wrong information you give to your audience can be damaging to your image and online reputation.

That said, in the event that you aren’t sure of anything – it is better to do some research on it first before you decide to share the information!

Also, avoid spreading any false information. For instance, a fitness studio in Delta, offering yoga classes convinced its clients that hot yoga could help in the prevention of COVID-19. It was later shut down for this misleading information and for not observing social distancing rules.

The bottom line here is – be careful of what you share!

Keep your Google My Business Listing updated

Updated information is key to your customers – both current and prospective!

They’re going to want to know if your company will cease operations temporarily, the new working hours, or any other sort of new changes you have implemented in your business.

Now that many people will be on the World Wide Web – whether for work or personal reasons – it means that you have to make sure your business puts itself out there. One great platform is Google, for sure!

Make use of Google Posts to deliver your regular updates to your audience. Some simple ways which Google have implemented include:

  1. Add in a COVID-19 update post to your profile
  2. Make edits to your business description
  3. Suggest recommendations for healthcare providers
  4. Update your working hours
  5. Adjust to the new norms by using Google
  6. Hours & services disclaimer
  7. Stay connected with your consumers
  8. Utilise attributes to feature shopping and dining alternatives

Put more emphasis on digital marketing

Since everyone is stuck at home in lockdown, now would be a good time to go down to the digital marketing route.

Based on Klaviyo, for insights, an email marketing platform taps into a network of 30,000 businesses, while approximately 20% of brands are investing more of their money on ads. Whereas, 66% of brands which spend more on ads do see a boost in efficiency, specifically with a lowered cost per click (CPC) and cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM).

From Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads to Instagram for Business – there are many tools out there you can utilise to spread the word of your business and direct traffic to it.

Even if your attention is not to reel in customers – but to pull in new staff members with a recruitment video; let digital marketing do its magic as you push out your video!

Even during a crisis, marketing is key to keeping your business afloat – so while this is not an exhaustive list; give your business a headstart by applying these marketing tactics if you haven’t done so yet!

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