Content Strategist


Big 3 Media is a film and video production company that specializes in creative storytelling. Holding true to our Big 3 core values of being Creative, Empathetic and Better, we never stop seeking improvement, experience, and knowledge in the creative process, constantly pushing ourselves so that we will see the bigger picture. If you've ever wondered how the magic on screen is created, there is no limit to what we can achieve together!

About the role

Ctrld (pronounced as Control-D) is Big 3 Media’s in-house creative studio. We specialize in art, animation, design and game development. This role will be mainly working under the Ctrld team.

Key Responsibilities

• The Content Strategist will collaborate with the Accounts and Creative Teams to develop strategic proposals, conduct research on clients, accounts and social monitoring, competitor auditing, and provide best-in-class content strategy.

• They are expected to provide best post format practices for all social channels, staying current with the latest developments.

• The Content Strategist will monitor current marketing trends, new technology solutions, and competitive strategies – and then translate them into new marketing ideas for clients and the creative teams.

• The Content Strategist is expected to write clear, original, and persuasive long and shortform content which resonates with the target audience

Additionally, the Content Strategist will design, plan and implement social listening tools to enhance the creative process.

Key Requirements

• 3-5 years of social media work experience in an advertising, PR, or online marketing agency or similar field.

• Mastery in the English language with fluency in Mandarin is a plus.

• Proven experience in leading and managing social media properties such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok on a regional scale, and experience with managing content campaigns or communities.

• Proven track record of using data analytics for social media, such as database setup, social listening, integrating different data points to derive insights that can be used to improve the client's content.

• Good judgment on what is considered a good content strategy is a must-have.

• Experience in communicating/presenting ideas to clients, with excellent presentation skills

• Experience in social analytics/listening tools is required.

• Demonstrate a strong interest in current social trends and technology.

Apply Now

Thank you for your interest in Big 3 Media! To apply for this role, please send your updated CV and portfolio to